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Menopause, Parenting and Postpartum Psychosis: Top Shares of the Week

By HERWriter
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A wide array of stories were shared in EmpowHER's community this week. Women talked about having a baby, eyelashes and the negatives of pain killers. Do you have a health story that you would like to share? Post your blog post to our community so that other women can read and reflect on your personal experiences and stories.

Here are some of our top blog posts in the EmpowHER community this week.

Tips that will Help You Survive Your Baby’s First Year

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From the blog: “Last night I talked to my friend who I haven’t seen for quite a while. She delivered a baby six months ago and was up to the eye in childcare. We were talking for about an hour. She was telling me about her daughter’s new achievements and her concerns about introducing new foods or her fear about sitting up her baby too early. When we finally switched the topic and started discussing plans for New Year’s Eve, I heard her sighing deep and saying that she wanted nothing. Her only desire was to get enough sleep and not jump out of bed every time she heard some rustle in the crib."

Does Your Eyelash Loss Depend On Your Skin Type?

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From the blog: “At point in your life, you may be forced to face the grotesque and brutal menace of eyelash loss. When this happens, you will be left with millions upon millions of thoughts on what could have caused it. It could have been your diet, your make up or even your skin type. You can never really tell. It is in this regard that we seek to unravel whether your skin type could have a bearing on your eyelash loss. I mean, what in God’s name has the type of skin got to do with the falling out of eyelashes?"

Are Painkillers Turning out to Be Pain Givers? 4 Things to Know

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From the blog: :"Painkillers are routinely the culprits behind thousands of deaths in the US every year. They are among the most abused drugs in the US where one in 10 high school students admit to taking drugs in one form or other. Drug abuse or substance abuse as we know it causes many harmful effects which range from severe withdrawal symptoms to possibly death."


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From the blog: :"Kombucha is a fermented type of tea that some people believe originated in China but others believe was invented in Russia. It is just slightly alcoholic, just slightly fizzy and is made by black or green tea. Black tea is tea that's been allowed to oxidize for a longer time than other types of tea, while green tea has undergone oxidation for as little time as possible.”

Staying Strong: How to Remain Fit and Healthy During Menopause

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From the blog: :"During menopause, the body decreases its production of certain hormones. This can increase the risk of bone loss and other health-related problems, such as heart disease and cancer. Although you cannot prevent menopause, there are several steps that you can take to ensure that you stay healthy and fit during menopause and beyond.”

3 Fundamental Skills to Teach Your Little Daughter by Age 13/a>

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From the blog: :"Being a pre-teen girl is absolutely unique experience in life. In this period, the spark of her potential begins to grow intensively, but different gender norms impend to diminish it. There are numerous aspects because of which she can yield to pressure and hide her authentic self. For instance, those stereotyped expectations might assure her to sacrifice ambition for popularity or depress her for non-conformance to feminine beauty standards.”

I Survived Postpartum Psychosis

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From the blog: :"I am Natachia Barlow Ramsey. I am a Postpartum Psychosis Survivor. I lost my mind and I lost my son in 1999. No, he wasn't taken away; I took his life when I was ill with a Postpartum Mood Disorder I had never heard of. I thought I was being a loving mother at the time by taking him with me. That's what happens when you are in a Psychotic state. It robs you of your ability to think rationally. So, you lose...”

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