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Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Success: Which Lifestyle Habits Promote This? - Dr. Orris

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Dr. Michael Orris shares the lifestyle and nutritional habits that lead to successful weight loss after bariatric surgery. Dr. Orris is a skilled bariatric surgeon at Banner Estrella Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Orris:
Well, the lifestyle and habits – they could alter from one procedure to the next. It depends if they got say a LAP-BAND® versus a gastric bypass. In some ways it’s how many times they come to the office. Are they staying up with their band fills? Do they come to the support groups? Are they compliant with registering their caloric intake? Are they exercising three, four, five times a week, which we ask of our patients, and when the patients participate in our program, which is all part of their surgery, those are the patients that we really see strongly success.

When it comes to the patients, whether whatever surgery they had, whether they had a bypass or a LAP-BAND®, the successful patient is the patient that goes in 100% and we try to screen that out preoperatively. This is surgery, it’s not, “Maybe I’ll try it and see if it works”. We really have the patient ready for a 100% commitment.

So we put them on a preoperative all-protein diet for two weeks. How are you going to comply with that diet because that’s what you are going to be on after surgery for seven or ten days? So we really want to see how that patient is going to do with that.

Next is, they have to be committed to the diet and exercise and behavioral changes that is outlined for these patients preoperatively, and we spell it out to those patients and we say, “Is this something feasible for you to follow. We tailor it for their individual needs, to their gender, their ethnicity, their likes and dislikes, their work schedules”. So we really have a program that is fairly easy to follow by the masses and the patients could comply to this program.

Patients that may have problems with bariatric surgery even after having it are patients that continue to binge eat, which would be a psychological issue and that’s why they’d have to see my psychologist or have to attend some sessions of the support group.

Next is, patients who graze and that’s if you have a food drawer at work and you eat a little bit of calories all day long and at the end of the day these little bit of calories turn into a large sum of calories and it adds to, not only failure of weight loss, but actually weight gain and whether you have a bypass or a band, that’s not going to help, okay?

The patients that do the best typically protein shake in the morning, a feasible lunch, a bariatric lunch, protein shake between lunch and dinner, a feasible bariatric dinner and then they will have nothing to eat after dinner or if they do snack, it’s going to be healthy snacks and we really look for wasted calories and that’s typically for their beverages they are taking in or the liquid calories they are taking in. We really try to get them away from that.

About Dr. Michael J. Orris, D.O., M.B.A.:
Originally from Pennsylvania, Dr. Michael Orris completed his surgical residency at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. As a surgeon he recognized the negative impact that excess weight has on society, and developed a passion for helping patients attain and maintain a healthy body weight.

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