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Knee Replacement: How Was The Recovery?

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Bonnie describes her pain level and ability to walk and exercise while recovering from knee replacement surgery.

When I went home from the hospital I had a walker and was able to walk around the house with the walker. I noticed the first few days I leaned quite heavily on it but each day I gained strength and was able to put less weight on the walker. Within two weeks I was able to put the walker aside and use a cane, which was very convenient.

Physical therapy at home came everyday and added, they had you do this set of exercises and then added to it every day. You also had to do the exercises with them and then later in the evening when they weren’t there. So you really built up your strength and it was so encouraging to be able to see these little tiny steps that you took in your recovery. You know one day it hurt really bad to rock in the rocking chair, but you kept out it day after day and within a week it didn’t hurt anymore, so all these little baby steps that you could take to know that you are really getting better every day.

My new knee feels wonderful. It is straight. I have strength, no pain – no pain at all. I am allowed to do the water aerobics. I can get in there and really go for it. I’m looking forward to golf and yoga; those have just been added. You can’t twist for three months so I’m looking forward to golfing and yoga soon.

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