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What Is The Best Way For Women To Care For Themselves After Spinal Surgery? - Sarah Burns (VIDEO)

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Nurse Sarah Burns explains the proper way for a woman to care for herself after spinal surgery.

So for women having spine surgery it’s really important to be aware of the calcium intake – that they’re taking enough calcium, that they are exercising frequently and to do weight training is very important to get supportive muscle to support the spine structure.

And then obviously as women go through the changes the whole amount is changed so that decreases bone mass so it’s a really good idea to see your doctor on a regular basis to get your hormone levels checked, just to be constantly aware of your body posture as well to lift using your legs, don’t bend your spine and to try to do exercises where you can promote flexibility – yoga for example.

So it’s important to exercise and maintain flexibility for the joints to be able to move easily, to free up the tension in the spine and the other joints on the body.

The last two things that I would like to talk to you about are just getting plenty of sleep to allow the spinal column to re-cushion itself with the fluid to refill. And also just to know that it’s very important to maintain a good weight for your body size. Taking some extra weight on can really put a lot of pressure on the back and so it’s really good to have a good diet and to try and keep fit and healthy.

About Sarah Burns, R.N.:
Originally from England, Sarah Burns graduated at Oxford University with a four-year nursing degree and neurosciences diploma. She began her career as a neuro intensive care nurse in England and gaining orthopedic, gynecologic and oncology nursing experience in Holland. In 1994, Sarah moved to the United States as a traveling nurse where she discovered Texas, Florida and California and, by 1998, she accepted her first position at Alvarado Hospital in the emergency room and ICU. Years later, Sarah sought new experiences and went to serve at San Diego’s Balboa Naval Hospital as a surgical PACU nurse, but she soon returned to Alvarado.