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Why Is It Good To Have Regular Bowel Movements After Spinal Surgery? - Sarah Burns (VIDEO)

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Nurse Sarah Burns shares why a woman should have regular bowel movements after spinal surgery.

It is important for women who have just had spine surgery to have proper regular bowel movements to prevent pain and also to prevent pushing on the incision and just for the general comfort.

About Sarah Burns, R.N.:
Originally from England, Sarah Burns graduated at Oxford University with a four-year nursing degree and neurosciences diploma. She began her career as a neuro intensive care nurse in England and gaining orthopedic, gynecologic and oncology nursing experience in Holland. In 1994, Sarah moved to the United States as a traveling nurse where she discovered Texas, Florida and California and, by 1998, she accepted her first position at Alvarado Hospital in the emergency room and ICU. Years later, Sarah sought new experiences and went to serve at San Diego’s Balboa Naval Hospital as a surgical PACU nurse, but she soon returned to Alvarado.