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When Can A Woman Become Active After Cervical Reconstruction Surgery? - Dr. Kam Raiszadeh (VIDEO)

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Dr. Raiszadeh explains when a woman can return to normal activity following cervical reconstruction surgery.

Dr. Raiszadeh:
After cervical reconstruction for a fusion, it takes time for that fusion to become solid. So in that time period we don’t want to do any heavy lifting or bending or twisting. So for 6 to 12 weeks we limit that activity, but otherwise as far as being able to do normal activities around the house–walking, even light jogging, walking up and downstairs, lifting--regular daily activities is not a problem.

With cervical disc replacements we oftentimes get patients moving a lot quicker because now we don’t have to worry about the fusion taking. You already have a motion-sparing device in there, so it’s easy to start doing regular activities a lot sooner.

About Dr. Raiszadeh, M.D.:
Kam Raiszadeh, MD, serves as medical director of the Advanced Spine Institute & Minimally Invasive Spine Center at Alvarado Hospital. Dr. Raiszadeh is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and an active member of the Scoliosis Research Society and North American Spine Society.