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What Should Women Know About Back Pain And Pregnancy? - Dr. Kam Raiszadeh (VIDEO)

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Dr. Raiszadeh explains what a woman needs to know about back pain when she is pregnant.

Dr. Raiszadeh:
Women who are planning to be pregnant oftentimes fear their history of back pain. They see other pregnant women complain of their backs and so they think, "Man, if I have had bad episodes of back pain during my life, if I become pregnant I won’t be able to handle it.” Or if they have a diagnosed condition like spondylolisthesis or scoliosis they think, I can’t have a baby.

It is far from the truth. The body has very excellent mechanisms to be able to tolerate that, and actually a lot of times I find patients who have had back pain become pregnant, actually feel better during their pregnancy. So it’s clearly not a fear. And then the other thing is that exercise during pregnancy is something that should be encouraged both at the beginning, prior to becoming pregnant and during pregnancy, because it can help protect with a lot of these problems.

In the SpineZone, actually, we do in the SpineZone have a program for pregnant women that allow this targeted strengthening even though there’s this extra weight and different distribution of muscles with pregnancy.

About Dr. Raiszadeh, M.D.:
Kam Raiszadeh, MD, serves as medical director of the Advanced Spine Institute & Minimally Invasive Spine Center at Alvarado Hospital. Dr. Raiszadeh is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and an active member of the Scoliosis Research Society and North American Spine Society.