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Which Shoes Are Recommended For Women? - Dr. Cannada (VIDEO)

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Which Shoes Are Recommended For Women? - Dr. Cannada (VIDEO)
Which Shoes Are Recommended For Women? - Dr. Cannada (VIDEO)
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Dr. Cannada shares the shoes that are recommended for women.

Dr. Cannada:
Women are not always practical. They try to be fashionable. Flats definitely put, with a good arch support, good walking shoes are which should be worn when you are working and for the majority of your daily activities. Its fine when you are going in social activities to wear the shoes that you really couldn’t walk in all day.

About Dr. Cannada, M.D.:
Dr. Lisa K. Cannada, M.D., is an orthopaedic trauma surgeon with an extensive background in teaching and orthopaedic trauma surgery. She completed her medical school at University of Maryland in 1996 and entered her residency at University Hospitals of Cleveland. She came back to Maryland for her trauma fellowship at the RA Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Maryland.

She worked at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia for three years before accepting a position at the University of Texas-Southwestern. She truly loves her career as an orthopaedic trauma surgeon and is a strong advocate for Women in Orthopaedic Surgery.

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