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How Can A Loved One Help A Trauma Patient? - Dr. Cannada (VIDEO)

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How Can A Loved One Help A Trauma Patient? - Dr. Cannada (VIDEO)
How Can A Loved One Help A Trauma Patient? - Dr. Cannada (VIDEO)
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Dr. Cannada discusses how a loved one can help a trauma patient.

Dr. Cannada:
A loved one can be there during the hospital stay and after and be supportive of them and realize that they might need nurturing to get back to their former self. We look at the orthopedic injuries that a patient has from trauma it’s three broad categories – we look at life-threatening injuries, limb threatening injuries and function threatening injuries.

Sometimes the function threatening injuries are the most challenging for us as surgeons but yet on the scheme of things they aren’t as bad as the life-threatening injury. So people might tend to think that their injury isn’t severe, but it severely affects them.

About Dr. Cannada, M.D.:
Dr. Lisa K. Cannada, M.D., is an orthopaedic trauma surgeon with an extensive background in teaching and orthopaedic trauma surgery. She completed her medical school at University of Maryland in 1996 and entered her residency at University Hospitals of Cleveland. She came back to Maryland for her trauma fellowship at the RA Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Maryland.

She worked at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia for three years before accepting a position at the University of Texas-Southwestern. She truly loves her career as an orthopaedic trauma surgeon and is a strong advocate for Women in Orthopaedic Surgery.

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