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Pinched Nerve, What Are The Symptoms? - Dr. Wang (VIDEO)

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Dr. Wang recalls the symptoms of a pinched nerve.

Dr. Wang:
A pinched nerve can cause a lot of symptoms. It can cause pain. It can result in dysfunction of that nerve, so the nerve is not working appropriately, so you can get numbness, tingling, pain. The nerve goes to an area of your body, and that area can be affected. So that area may not be working correctly. It may not feel the same sensations.

About Dr. Wang, M.D.:
Dr. Jeffrey Wang, M.D., is the Chief of Spine Surgery and Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Neurology at the UCLA School of Medicine. He specializes in all spine disorders in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar area. His research interests include gene therapy for the treatment of spinal disorders, minimally invasive surgery for spinal disorders, bone growth biological proteins, and biomedical engineering of non-invasive spine surgery using high intensity focused ultrasonic waves.

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