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Mammogram Abnormalities: What Steps Are Taken Once Discovered? - Dr. Chung (VIDEO)

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Mammogram Abnormalities: What Steps Are Taken Once Discovered? - Dr. Chung (VIDEO)
Mammogram Abnormalities: What Steps Are Taken Once Discovered? - Dr. Chung ...
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Dr. Alice Chung describes the actions taken at the John Wayne Cancer Institute at Saint John's Health Center when an abnormality is found on a woman's mammogram.

Dr. Chung:
Say a patient has an issue on her mammogram and she wants to be seen by a physician at our Breast Center. So, the first step, she would bring her films and we would submit them to our radiologist. While the films are being reviewed by both physicians the patient would, you know, come to the clinic room; meet with a nurse, get comfortable.

Once all of the physicians have reviewed her films with the radiologists, we then have some insight as to, you know, what her problem might be, and then we would actually go in, visit with the patient, and do detailed history and physical.

If there’s any biopsy that needs to be done, you know, we can arrange for it that day, either by the radiologist or if there’s something that we actually feel that we want to do ourselves, we can do that.

Any fine needle aspirate, which is a certain type of needle biopsy that’s done, can then be actually reviewed that same day with the pathologist who comes to the Breast Center. And we would look at the slides, and we could then let the patient know what we found and plan accordingly, and that’s something that can all happen in one day.

About Dr. Alice Chung, M.D.:
Using her expertise as a member of the American Society of Breast Disease and the Society of Surgical Oncology, Chung has performed numerous surgeries, authored countless studies on the field of breast surgery and presented on such diverse topics as nutrition, imaging and metastases. Highly skilled at sparing mastectomies and other surgical procedures related to breast cancer surgery, Chung has dedicated her practice to helping women everywhere.

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