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Cancer Cells: Symptoms, Causes and Risks

By EmpowHER
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Cancer cells are abnormal cells that are typically caused by genetic mutation.

Cancer cells display three disease-causing characteristics.

• Uncontrolled growth - cancer cells reproduce and divide at an abnormal rate
• Invasion - cancer cells damage or destroy the surrounding tissue
• Metastasis – cancer cells sometimes spread to other parts of the body and create new tumors in other locations.

Some types of cancer cells form clusters called tumors. These tumors display the disease causing properties of uncontrolled growth, invasion, and metastasis. Cancerous tumors are malignant tumors because they cause disease and possible death.

Non-cancerous cells can form tumors. They are benign tumors because they do not display disease-causing characteristics.

Cancer is named based on the function of the abnormal cells, body part or organ where the cells originated. For example, cancer that begins in the liver is called liver cancer. Cancer ...

Cancer that begins in lung cells is called lung cancer.


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