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Cancer Prevention Program for Latino Women: The Washington Post

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Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, May 13, 2008; HE01

Emilia Uriarte and Mariluz Garcia are just the types of patients that Elmer Huerta loves to see. The first hasn't been to a doctor in 10 years; the second has been a faithful patient of the cancer prevention specialist for the past seven.

With Uriarte, he patiently explains in Spanish the value of a yearly Pap test as an early detection tool for cervical cancer and the importance of an annual mammogram and monthly breast self-exam -- especially now that she is three months past her 40th birthday. Huerta uses one of his favorite analogies to drive home the point that she needs to make this a yearly visit: You maintain your car to keep it running, don't you?

"So why not take ourselves in for our own tuneup?" says Uriarte, repeating the lesson that Huerta just imparted.