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Is It More Important To Get A Digital Mammogram? - Dr. Harness (VIDEO)

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Dr. Jay Harness explains which is more important, a digital mammogram or an analog mammogram. Jay K. Harness is the former President of the American Society of Breast Surgeons and the Medical Director of the St. Joseph Hospital Comprehensive Breast Center in the city of Orange in Orange County California.

Dr. Harness:
Yeah, I think it is. We know from national studies that digital mammography works the best and is better than the older analog routine mammograms we've done for years in younger women and women with more dense breasts. So, if a woman is under age 50, probably needs digital mammography, she has been on hormone replacement therapy and the breasts are denser, needs I am sure a digital mammography, so that is the advantage. Also the advantage of digital mammography is that the radiologist on the computer can really focus in on an area, enhance it, change the contrast settings, do a variety of things. So, I am a huge fan of digital mammography, and as I said a moment ago, digital mammography, jokingly if you will, is high def TV of the breast, and when patients see their older analog mammograms with their new digital, they are startled. They say, “Wow, is that ever great."

About Dr. Harness. M.D.:
Dr. Jay Harness is the Director at St. Joseph Hospital Comprehensive Breast Center. Practicing medicine for 35 years, Dr. Harness specializes in general surgery and medical oncology. Graduating medical school from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, he conducting his internship and residency at the University of Michigan Medical Center. Recognized nationally and internationally for his work in breast and endocrine surgery, Dr. Harness is the immediate past-President of The American Society of Breast Surgeons and is President-elect of Breast Surgery International. Dr. Harness can assist patients in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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