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After the radiosurgery on Thursday, I had less neck pain and no arm tingling on Friday, which was a great big yay. Saturday we headed down I-95 to Bridgeport, took the Ferry to Port Jefferson and drove to my aunt and uncle’s house for their 50th anniversary party. The party was a blast, the food was outstanding and it was a joy seeing all the cousins and their kids, but by three hours into it my neck was screaming. We bid our farewells and headed home, where I took an early dose of Oxycontin and slept with my rigid neck collar, which gave me some relief.

I called the radiation oncology resident on call the next morning and started a little bit of steroids, figuring that I was experiencing some edema from the surgery. That has helped and I would say I’m almost back to my presurgery pain level and the arm tingling has settled down. I’m off steroids and using the collar as needed.

Friday I also experienced some very sharp pain in my left calf. I called the spine surgeon to ask him to look at my most recent CT scan to see if there was anything worrisome in the lumbosacral spine. Monday I developed tingling in the back of the left leg, so he ordered an MRI, which was done yesterday. It doesn’t look like there’s anything (tumor or degenerative disc disease, both of which are present) pressing on spinal cord or nerve roots, so I’ll just take the scan with me when I see the radiation oncologist next week and see if we can figure out what’s up.

I still get abdominal bloating and discomfort when I eat and have low-grade nausea not completely controlled by the Reglan. It’s finally starting to make my drive to and from work a bit challenging. For now I can handle it and plan to just keep an eye on it. I don’t particularly want my husband to have to do four hours of driving every work day to get me to and from work. I’m also very weak. Two flights of stairs completely do me in. I’m not sure what all of that’s about. I’m pretty sure the abdominal symptoms are from the Navelbine, which basically just puts the brakes on the entire GI tract. I’m hoping it’s also causing the weakness and that should get a little better as this week off Navelbine progresses.

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Mi Lu: The victory should be gotten to get confidence in formal competition increases in warm up contest
Sport weekly The match of China and Qatar, end finally with the victory of Amphitryon. The also invites A group as a result be concerned about giving a clue of this match continues. Without doubt, to Chinese nation group and fan, the result of this match is very agonized, I also feel regretful for Chinese nation group.
Mi Lu
But the football is such, without Chang Sheng's general. I care the psychosis of national sufficient boys very much now, I can foreknow, after this suffers a defeat, the sound that each respect criticizes will be thick as hail, the coach of team of my hope China and player people should learn to bear to be criticized this kind. Dry football is this such, when you win a contest, others can hold you in both hands God, and when you encounter one suffers a defeat, the outside can get your vote an opinion or a request from a subordinate body again be a nass of bruises. I want to watch the player that sees Chinese group very much people, wave watching bend, Dewey these a few in those days my team member, but I still kept back, this moment is too allergic feeling.
The fan that believes China sees this match can have a lot of doubt, I had been heard a few, be in e.g. high coach a hair 3 players were changed to see the arrangement that seems disagreement to often manage one kind so in the battle array. Yes, there are a kind of such views really in football bound, the team that wins a ball should be not changed, but this is not the truth. Each coach has his football philosophy, they have each competition oneself intent and special arrangement, these are respectable. Of course the football sees a result, if your play away, these can make evidence of a crime; And once you won victory, these can become your art again, although say, is same a thing. For instance Wu Ci did not overcome a [url=http://www.tatlangida.com/images/products/nikeshoes006.aspx]cheap jordans for sale[/url] coach to also change two people in the 2nd match, whole Zun Lu was changed, but he won the contest, I look with respect to nobody accusatorial why doesn't he abide by the team that wins a ball to should not change such view.
Return match itself, chinese player appears before Amphitryon too keep one's eyes peeled, let Qatar player be able to sufficient put to good use attacks talent, I am right these Xi Yaqiu member understand quite, after be being brought into play adequately to rise when the mood, their energy is quite considerable, must want keep within limits this kind of their mood. Of course this match comparing makes Qatar group the first times a lot of, momentum is very enough, very determined also, they restore very quickly.
I had said early, asian cup does not have easy adversary, match of Chinese team play away also does not have necessary and brokenhearted dismay, below one wins at present leaving black to fasten a gram is, they should forget this to suffer a defeat as soon as possible, media fan also should help them walk out of a shadow as soon as possible, losing a race is not the thing with alarming what.
Breath out in how, I see through news the coach of Chinese team says they attend Asian cup constantly is to come to those who take exercise learn. To this, I from come on the whole saying agree, team nature should learn ceaselessly through the match rise. Nevertheless to Asian cup such contest, the purpose of study is the first, every coach may have different knowledge. Look in me, through warm up contest study takes exercise, win a victory to gain self-confidence in the contest next, be the growing way that one detachment Wu Zaihao does not live. What I also notice Chinese coach is emphasizing a team all the time at the same time is young, how be just young definition? When I take a team to attend Asian cup 10 years ago, in the team 20 years old those who be less than have 3 people, still have two people have 22 years old only, my team just cries then young. Young and aged not be a problem, important is you have enough self-confidence, you engraft to team member enough self-confidence.
I do not want to comment on Chinese team the ability tactics yesterday, that is not my job. But Chinese team the match is very regretful yesterday is the second half has for a long time can 10 dozens 11, lay one person less again below backward situation, that nature is very difficult, perhaps 3 substitution quota of people is used too quickly, of course Chinese team coach is not quite in good luck also, appeared team member gets hurt cannot importunate situation. Chinese team also calculates actually lucky, qatar of the second half still has a lot of opportunities, if capture again, chinese team last difficulty is greater. Was defeated by two only now, team of a China still has very great opportunity, hope they can the group surpasses successful pass a test.
Editor: ? Shan? Pay close attention to his small gain
Fan Texi surpasses the line on the activity after basketball hassle season | Sport one ball becomes famous dazzle eye storm will raid

June 7, 2013 - 4:40am
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July 3, 2009 - 8:38am
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