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Michele Shares Why She Chose Chemotherapy (VIDEO)

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Michele explains why she chose to have chemotherapy, even though her ovarian cancer was diagnosed early.

My doctor went over several options with me. One was to not do anything. To just have had the surgery and be done with it and then, he gave me the option to do four rounds of carboplatin or I could do six to eight rounds of carboplatin with another chemotherapy agent that I can’t remember the name of, but, his strongest recommendation was doing four rounds of chemo. He went over all the statistics and that would improve, really reduce my chance of it coming back by about ten percent, doing just four rounds of chemo, not lose my hair, be fine for a year, and then have it come back and always wish that I had had chemo.

And, the reason I felt that way is I had a friend whose husband had bladder cancer. He just had the cancer, he just had surgery, they thought they got everything. He chose not to do chemo, and a year later it was back and he only lasted like six months and then passed away from, and if only, now we don’t know, maybe if he had the chemo, maybe it still would have come back, but I thought I should just do everything that I could.

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