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National Cancer Survivor's Day: How To Join In the "Celebration of Life"

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Medical News Report: Have you battled cancer and won, or know someone who has? Plan to take a moment to celebrate with others on National Cancer Survivor’s Day, Sunday June 7. "Show the world that life after cancer diagnosis can be a reality,” encourages the National Cancer Survivor’s Day (NCSD) Foundation.

“America’s 12 million cancer survivors will join survivors around the world observing the 22nd annual National Cancer Survivor’s Day, “ says the non-profit NCSD Foundation. The official theme is “Celebration of Life.” National Cancer Survivor’s Day, traditionally the first Sunday in June each year, gives communities the opportunity to recognize their active, productive cancer survivor population, according to the Foundation.

It is also a day to acknowledge the contributions and support of families, friends, healthcare providers, as wells as the researchers engaged in medical science.

The NCSD Foundation supports hundreds of hospitals, support groups, and other cancer-related organizations by providing free guidance, education and patient networking. Free planning kits for NCSD community events, information about National Cancer Survivor’s Day, and locations of scheduled events are available on the NCSD Foundation website: http://www.ncsdf.org/Pages/Organize.html

Past celebrations in the US have included cancer-related community fund raisers, parties, sporting events, concerts, festivals and carnivals. Local cancer survivors and oncology medical professionals are usually invited to speak and educate the public about cancer and successful treatments.

For those who don’t have time on June 7 or can’t find a local NCSD event, they can still participate in the spirit of the day. A few suggestions include:

• Contact a friend or relative who is a cancer survivor to let them know how much their determination and courage has inspired you—and how glad you are to have them here, so you can tell them so.

• Send a note of thanks to a nurse, doctor or hospital staff worker who made a difference in your recovery or in that of someone you know and appreciate.

• Volunteer for a day (or more) at a local cancer clinic or patient care center.

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