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Special Skin Care for Cancer Patients

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Many individuals undergoing chemotherapy and radiation cancer treatments are physically and emotionally affected by the experience.

In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, about 1.5 million new cases of cancer are expected in 2008. This is not including the “more than 1 million cases of basal and squamous cell skin cancers [which] are expected to be diagnosed this year.”

Loosing hair, feeling nauseated, and dealing with dry, cracked skin are just some reasons patients are unhappy with their personal appearance.

Fortunately, Lindy Snider, along with a board of medical advisors, has developed a commercial line of skin products for those undergoing cancer treatments.

After seeing first-hand the skin irritations on her friends caused by their cancer treatments, Lindy launched Lindi Skin products in 2003, says the director of marketing Steve Rosenman.

“She wanted to show people affected by cancer what they can do to improve their appearance,” he says.

Products ranging from sun screen, to lotion, body wash, lip balm, face moisturizer, and more, were developed by medical professionals to treat the dry, cracked, sensitive skin of cancer patients.

However, those who are not undergoing cancer treatment, but have sensitive skin are using the products too, says Rosenman, who uses the products after shaving.

As he says the best aspects of the product is, when you put it on it rapidly absorbs within seconds. “It’s almost bazaar. I rub it on and it feels like it evaporates.”

He says this is particularly beneficial for cancer patients who used to have to cover themselves in thick petroleum jelly or other oily, greasy products to achieve the same results.

Though the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institutes are unable to comment or endorse any commercial products their media relations offices said, many cancer centers and hospitals are using Lindi Skin products.

These facilities include UCLA Medical Center, St. Jude Medical Center, Ohio State University Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Hospital, and many more.

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