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What is Detoxification Anyway? Part 1

By Expert HERWriter
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What is detoxification anyway?

People call the office all the time asking to set up a detox appointment. They are not really sure what to expect but they have heard that detoxing is good. I thought I would take this opportunity to explain what detox means. Detox or Detoxification means to get rid of toxins that have entered or are produced in the body. It is just that simple. Our bodies handle detoxifications processes every single day. We have organs like the liver, kidney, skin and lungs that support this process. Each day we have to handle these toxins or pollutants that enter our body. It is a normal part of living. Some we don’t have control over, like air pollution, chemical pollution, etc. They are found in our environment and we process them. Some toxins we do have control over like foods additives, preservatives, alcohol and nicotine, and we have to process those too.

Our bodies have organs of elimination which have specific responsibilities to help get rid of these toxins. Our lungs help us to breathe out gases like CO2, which if found in too high a percentage in the body, could cause harm and shut down our body. Our skin releases toxins through our pores to keep us healthy and vital. Our skin also protects us from pollutants getting into our bodies easily. Our digestive system including the liver and the kidneys process toxins, render them harmless and excrete them from our bodies. So, if we are not peeing every couple of hours and having bowel movements every day we are creating a back up from our normal processing. I also include our mind as an organ of elimination because it has to get rid of the negative thoughts that we have about ourselves and our world. If we do not get rid of those thoughts we are doomed to a life of misery and depression with no hope for optimal health.

If we have these organs and they are doing all this work, why do we need extra detoxification plans or treatments? Well, because if we live lives that create more toxins that overwhelm the body then we need extra help to get rid of them.

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