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Women and Alcohol Consumption - What does it mean for our Cancer Risk?

By Expert HERWriter
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There was a new study released in Britain stating that one alcoholic beverage per night can increase the risk of cancer for women. This new study involved over 1 million middle-age British women who have similar drinking pattern as American women and the results show one glass of wine, beer or any other alcoholic beverage could raise cancer risks. Since the study was well conducted and has a large population I find it to be reasonable to believe results.

What does that mean for women and drinking? As a naturopathic physician I always look at treating the underlying cause of any health problem so I look at the possible reason for this increased cancer risk. I look for the underlying cause because if we can find the root of the problem and solve it we can restore health and enjoy our lives. My first thought about why daily alcohol would increase cancer risk is simple enough it is a toxin. Knowingly putting a toxin into the body on a daily basis could increase cancer risk. It increases the amount of waste products the body has to handle every day – it’s detoxification process. Our body is responsible for detoxifying all the environmental, and daily wastes from all our cells the more toxins we add the more of a burden we create. If you are breathing, sweating, peeing every couple of hours and pooping on a daily basis you are probably eliminating appropriately. If you don’t do these every day (and be honest with yourself) then consider participating in a detoxification program 2-4 times a year to help clean out the system. Reducing your toxic load will reduce your cancer risk. So consider your toxic load and your alcohol consumption as you think about how information from this study will change your drinking habits. For more information about detoxification programs visit my website www.healthydaes.org.

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