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Susan Cody: The Moral Dilemma of Unwedded and Teenage Sex: Some Think Cervical Cancer is Earned

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I was reading the news link on Empowher, regarding the moral objections to the HPV vaccination.

Many parents will not allow their girls to have the vaccination because they believe it will encourage them to have sex. Since behaviors like smoking leads to cancers, so having sex leads to HPV. Both are behaviors that are preventable, say the objectors to this vaccine.

Kimberly Martinez, executive director of the Abstinence Clearinghouse, a nonprofit group that advocates teaching children not to have sex rather than to have safe sex.

"We don't need to be vaccinating children against something that can be prevented with a behavior change.
....We have to teach kids values and boundaries," she said. "If you give kids the vaccine, you're giving them a license to go have sex."

I find this troubling. Simply because having a penis and vagina is also, perhaps, a license to have sex.

I do not know if my girls will receive it. Simply because I worry enough about the vaccinations they need now, nevermind in 10-15 years! I also want to benefit from further studies because I always worry about side effects. The HPV vaccine is very new - that in itself is a worry. It will be several years before side effects will really be known.

Most teens don't have sex because they have had a vaccination or have a condom. They have sex because they want to, or due to peer pressure.

It is rather upsetting that a vaccination has to have a moral component, because HPV is contracted during sex.

Who cares how someone gets cancer?

With regard to this vaccine, there is something eerily reminiscent of the victimization of AIDS patients in the 1980s and early 90s. It was a gay thing. Therefore a moral thing. So somehow, they deserved it. They 'earned' it through immoral behavior.

Cancer is cancer. Nobody plays a moral card to a smoker who gets throat cancer or has a stroke.
Do they deserve moral judgment, too? No, but neither does someone with HPV or cervical cancer.
Find me a person who hasn't made a bad moral decision on this planet. You cannot. They are non-existent.

Cervical cancer is a CANCER.

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