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Can We Make Condoms Cool Again?

By HERWriter
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The truth is most people don’t want to wear condoms. Even though most of us learned about condoms in sex education and how important they are, there are still negative attitudes surrounding the use of them.

“It doesn’t feel as good.”
“I’m in a committed relationship.”
“It’s too tight.”
“Talking about it is embarrassing”
“It will ruin the moment.”

These are popular excuses most sexually active people have heard at least once. But are they worth it? These excuses seem petty compared to the alternative consequences …pregnancies and STDs.

According to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention 1 in 2018 combined cases of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia were at an all-time high.

The facts:

1. There are approximately 20 million new STD infections a year in the United States. Half of these are among people aged 15-24.1

2. If a condom is used properly every time, they are 98% effective.2

3. They are the only form of birth control that also prevents sexually transmitted diseases.

4. They are inexpensive and Planned Parenthood gives them out for free.

5. A lot of sexually transmitted diseases show no symptoms so they go undetected for long periods.

6. STDs can lead to long term health problems and even cause infertility.

7. However, don’t freak out if you are diagnosed with one. Most of them are treatable and they are VERY common. You are not alone.

We interviewed some women about their experiences with & without condoms to gain some insight as to why or why not they are being used.

Women’s experiences with NOT using condoms:

1. “Someone called me a prude and it made me think I was not like the other girls. Like I should also not be wearing a condom to fit in.” -Amy S. Age:20

2. “I told my boyfriend he needs to wear a condom and he assured me he was clean and hadn’t had sex with anyone else. I believed him and went to the doctor for my annual checkup and got an STD screen. I had chlamydia and it was from him.” -Anonymous

3. “My boyfriend and I were about to do it and I asked him about condoms and he guilt-tripped me and said, ‘Don’t you love me?’“ -Amanda T. Age:19

4. “I never asked because I had heard men don’t like them. It doesn’t feel as good.” -Emily Y. Age:26

5. “I had a one night stand in college and was drunk. I wasn’t even thinking about the consequences. Everything was fine and I didn’t get an STD but know I could have and that scares me.” -Lauren S. Age:30

6. “I had a one night stand and didn’t use a condom. I had to live for months thinking I had an STD. I finally got the confidence to schedule a doctor’s appointment. I had gonorrhea and didn’t know it. It was curable thank God but I still felt so ashamed.” -Anonymous

7. “I just assumed he was STD free. I didn’t want to have that talk.” -Stefanie M. Age:20

Women experiences WITH using condoms:

1. “I don’t think it’s any one's business and never tell people what method of birth control I use.” -Tiffany T. Age:30

2. “I once told my friends I used condoms and they call laughed at me. I asked them why they thought it was funny and they said, ‘Oh I don’t know. I just feel like no one does that.’” -Ann M. Age: 28

3. “My husband and I use condoms because I don’t want to get pregnant yet and my body doesn’t respond well to other types of birth control.” -Carly L. Age: 28

4. “If a guy won’t wear a condom, he’s not worth it. Stand firmly in your beliefs.” Julia T. Age:25

5. “It’s honestly empowering to use them. It lets my partner at the time know I am not going to play games with him and take my health seriously.” Alexis R. Age:21

It’s empowering taking control of your health and putting yourself first! Not using a condom can cause anxiety, doubt, and regret. Isn’t it better to be on the safe side and save yourself from all these negative feelings?

With magazines, blogs, sex education, television, social media women & men have more education about this topic than ever before. We have all heard it a hundred times, “Wear a condom always!” So why are people making more unsafe decisions?

It’s going to take effort from men & women. Any sexually active human needs to be carrying condoms around and actually use them!
It’s time that we change our attitude and start practicing safer sex. We can do better.

1. Center for Disease Control & Prevention https://www.cdc.gov/nchhstp/newsroom/docs/factsheets/STD-Trends-508.pdf



2.Planned Parenthood


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HERWriter Guide

Great Share, thank you Catherine. 

Women need to be in charge of their own bodies. Men have said unbelievable things in order to get out of wearing a condom including the old "I'm too big" line [insert female giggle here]. 

Condoms won't protect against everything but they are highly effective in preventing pregnancy (98%) and lowering the risk of STI's. They are 90-95% effective in preventing the transmission of HIV. 

Bottom line ladies: no condoms - no sex. 


February 11, 2020 - 4:52pm
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