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Always Sick!

By August 30, 2013 - 11:51am
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So for over a year and a half now I have been feeling dizzy on and off and very tired, but recently I have been feeling worse! I now feel kind of out of it, the vision in my right eye has become blurry (I had perfect vision). I wake up sometimes with itchy skin all over(no rash) and my body feels like it is vibrating or lightly beating(I don't know how to explain it). I also noticed a swollen lymph node below my ear, under my jaw. I am not sure if it was there before and I just didn't notice it but since I have noticed it, it has grown about .5" making it now around 1.25" by 1". It is painless and is fixed in place(which is kind of worrisome). I have been to my doctor who has done blood work to check my blood count and put me on antibiotics in case of infection and I have to go back in a month. I have been to an optometrist who referred me to a opthamologist, which I go to in September. I have also been referred to a neurologist, which I will be going to at the end of September. I am not looking for a diagnosis on this site, just some suggestions or it would be nice to hear from someone who has experience similar symptoms. Thanks :)

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Hello jenjen4life,

It appears that your primary care physician has referred you to the proper specialists.

Has your physician thought of Lyme disease as a possible cause? In about one-fourth of cases, there is no visible rash. Diagnosis is made by blood tests.

The enlarged lymph node is of concern. Lymph nodes are part an the lymphatic system, which is an important part of the immune system. Viral and bacterial illnesses, as well as an autoimmune disorder, can cause an enlarged lymph node.

Please keep us updated following your appointments in September.


August 30, 2013 - 4:50pm
(reply to Maryann Gromisch RN)

Hi Maryanne,
Thanks for your reply. No, my doctor hasn't mention limes disease. I have thought about lymes disease myself because I had read an article about a women discovering she had it and she had a lot of my symptoms. I ruled it out because I thought you always get the rash with it, but since you say not all people do I will maybe mention it to my doctor when I see him next if nothing else is discovered by the opthamologist or neurologist. Thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it.

September 1, 2013 - 8:41am
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