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Best Health News of 2008

By December 22, 2008 - 2:10pm
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Naturally, as the year winds down, we become a little pensive and tend to be more reflective. And we've all had our share of bad news this year with the slumping economy as well as some startling health news such as food scares this summer and the widening influence of AIDS.

In taking a break from all the bad news, I was wondering ... Did you receive any good health news this year? Did you step on the scale at your doctor's office to find out you lost a few pounds? Did you receive an "all clear" on a condition you've been battling for a while?

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My health story for 2008 is most likely that I've learned what not to do! :-) Actually, it is the year that I've realized the previous years I have taken for granted my employer-paid health insurance and having time to myself to exercise.

I've had many changes this year: a cross-country move (with a one year old!), new job, selling & buying a house, new lifestyle, new identity ("Stay at Home Mom" instead of a "big-job-title" career woman), making new friends and leaving old ones behind, I've realized that I have to actively watch what I eat and actively exercise; being "at home" does not promote an automatic-healthy lifestyle that being in an office environment did for me. For instance, now, I have constant and easy-access to food, and do not need to fit into office attire. It is more difficult to find time to exercise with a toddler (I do not have a lunch break). So, it's taken a good 6 months to readjust my new life to fit in with eating well and exercising, with some trial and error.

This year is also the first time we've had individual health plans (not employer-paid)...and WOW!...what a difference. I have always had good health insurance, which evidently I had taken for granted (you really DON'T know what you've got, until it's gone). It's still meeting most of our needs, so for that, we're thankful.

We have good health overall in my family, beyond some chronic diseases, but those are being handled in a relatively-healthy manner. We are ready for 2009 (and hopefully better health insurance in the future!).

December 23, 2008 - 3:02pm

My year in health has been mixed.

I found out this year that my cholesterol is higher than it ever has been, and my weight needs some serious work in the new year.

On the good side, though, this year I found a doctor I really like, my depression of the last couple of years have eased, and I'm actually ready to get back into the swing of things with exercise and nutrition. I'm tired of feeling achy and painy over simple things, and am looking forward to feeling better -- for health reasons, this time (in the past, it has pretty much been all appearance-related).

Good question, Tina, and I learned something: that even though I didn't have a particularly good year in health, I do feel upbeat about it just because I'm moving forward. Thank you for asking!

December 23, 2008 - 11:22am

1. Yes, I pray and Thank the Lord for keeping me so healthy this past year. My blood pressure is great, HDL/LDL ideal for my age and besides the occassional aches and pains (thanks to my military days), I am blessed with a healthy body, mind and working on my soul lately!

2. My weight fluctuated a little this year. At first due to high cortisol levels linked to stress. It is stable now despite the little time I have to work out. That green tea is awesome! And of course meditation and my Rhodiola supplements helped lowered the cortisol. I'd like to get back to my work out routine next year.

3. The only thing pending is a shoulder surgery due to an injury last year playing basketball with my son. I cannot postpone this for ever, just need time off from my caregiving duties as the surgery will require total rest of that shoulder for 5-6 weeks. Hard to get that time off nowadays.

HEALTH is the most precious commodity. Despite all the political scandles, financial crisis, bad economy, unemployment, etc we are blessed to have a country that offers so many opportunities to stay healthy, but it is up to each of us to take the first step to return to health and improve the quality of our lives. May the New Year offer more of those opportunties and may we find the courage to commit to self-care, health and wellness of body, mind and spirit.

December 23, 2008 - 1:33am

No, no and maybe.

It's very frustrating to put as many miles as I do on these bones every week and still not see a decline on the scale. I fluctuate between single and double digit sizes of my jeans just about every couple of weeks.

It's also baffling how, in spite of my level of physical activity and healthy eating habits, my cholesterol level increased - again. But, I can't tolerate the statin drugs I've been prescribed.

On the positive side, there's still hope on both counts...and an apple on the counter with my name on it. :))

December 22, 2008 - 5:21pm
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