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Can High granulocyte count & arm pain along with "suspicious abnormality" on a mammogram be a stong indicator of a malignancy?

By Anonymous May 7, 2009 - 1:33pm
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While having an MRI for pain in my arm (felt like I broke my bone), radiologists noticed abnormality in left breast. Mammogram showed suspicious abnormality and I am currently waiting to have breast MRI done out of state. Local Doctors canceled ulta sound after mammogram (said not neccessary now). No one will say the word "cancer" but all keep apologizing for having to tell me "the bad news". Also blood test came back with high granulocyte count (76.5). The waiting through all these tests are unbearable when no one seems to be clear on what is going on here (or they don't want to say). I want to educate myself before I would have to make any decisions but I don't want to pour all my time into something that may be nothing. However, there attitudes leave me to believe we may be looking at a malignancy here. Being told they can not treat me in this area is scary enough, but not being told in a clear cut way what is going on is leaving me to research this myself. Looking at breast films is scary when you don't know what your really looking for (I have them to take to my breast MRI). Any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, I am a 39 yr. old female with alot of unanswered questions. I just obtained my medical records from a Dr. that I went to in 2006 and was going through my lab files and noticed that I have never been notified of things that have been flagged in lab work. One of the things that was flagged was granulocyte flagged as high 82.7 the ranges were 43.2-71.5 mine was flagged as high. I have no idea what this is can you explain this to me as I can't get an answer.
Also there is another item on my lab work that was flagged Lymphocytes was flagged as low 8.4 L range was 20.5-51.1 have no idea what this is? I have hypothyroidism I am on 125mcg daily. I was just told the other day by a dr. that was filling in for my dr. did I know that my triglyceride level was 200 and my HDL (Good)160 and my LDL (Bad) was 200. But not one time has the doctor called me on the last set of blood work it took another fill in doctor to question what is wrong. I stay tired and out of breath all the time if I walk I can't breath. Just would like some straight answers.

August 10, 2009 - 4:12pm
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Anonymous (reply to Lgraham)

I too have hypothyroidism and have had it for many years. I am also a nurse and work in a Dr.'s office so I keep close tabs on all my results. Sometimes some of my lab is high and sometimes it is normal. But what are you TSH and T3 and T4 results at the time. If my TSH is abnormal, my other results will be high. But once I get it back to normal, they usually come back down also. This may not be your case, but it is definitely something to look at. Good luck to you.

July 16, 2010 - 2:47pm
(reply to Lgraham)

How did you make out on this? I have a similar blood work result except for the colesterol (which I don't think is important in this case). I too have hypothyroid and am on 150mcg and have low lymphocytes (12.8) and high granulocyte. They suspect COPD (lung disease). Have you been checked for this? It is not normal to have these breathing problems. My xrays indicate I may have a lung issue and I just had a CAT scan done yesterday. I am not out of breath but they suspect COPD as my issue. I would be in the very early stages. I would have it checked out.

January 16, 2010 - 9:36am

I am so sorry that the health care professionals are behaving in this way. It is frustrating that they sound like they are keeping a secret from you, when it is YOU they are referring to. I am not sure why some of these HCP think (or inadvertently behave) in such a way that they can not create better doctor-patient relationships and empower their patients with information and sources. We can talk about that later!

I hope you hear from others, as I had to educate myself on the basics. Hopefully I can provide a starting point for you, and with some more information from you, I can begin researching and reading some medical journals (my initial sources, if you would like to begin the research process: pubmed.com and medlineplus.gov). Let's see what we can find together.

The basics:
The granulocyte count you are referring to is from your CBC. The granulocytes are basically a combination of WBC (white blood cells) that include the neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils.

Generically, a high number of WBCs is called leukocytosis.
It may be due to:
* Anemia
* Infectious diseases
* Inflammatory disease (such as rheumatoid arthritis or allergy)
* Leukemia
* Severe emotional or physical stress
* Tissue damage (for example, burns)
(source: medlineplus.gov)

Did the doctors mention any of the above, and is this why they may not be referring to the word "cancer", as it could be a number of different conditions?

You provided a number (76.5), saying this is a high count. Do you have the lab results, as I am not sure where in the range this is, and what the unit of measurement is. Is this a percentage or an actual amount? Additionally, every lab has different levels of what they consider "normal range" or "high range".

When is your MRI scheduled?

I hope to hear back from you soon, and I can help you find the answers you are looking for.

Alison B.

May 7, 2009 - 2:45pm
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