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haveing bad pain in my right hip and leg

By August 21, 2009 - 1:49pm
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i have had back problens and right leg problems far a few years now ,had one lower back surgery 4 years ago,i have sever pain most of the time,am going to a pain clinie far shots in my back to stop the pain in my right leg,a few weeks ago i got out and mowed a little,when i got of my right hip hurt,
now i have a lot of pain in it and can't stand to touch it.if i stay off my feet and lay down it gets better.but sitting really makes it hurt,i seen my dr. she said i had just made it tender,but no exrays are anything,thinking about going to hospital to the er to see what they tell me,i can't keep this up
i pray someone has a answer
thank you

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thanks far answering susanc,
yes a little over 8 months months ago i did have a mri on my back,whent to a surgen
he said i had some disk that was oozing out but didn't need more surgery now, september 16.0f 2002 i had a laminectomy.after that i was doing ok far a while,but then more leg pain,so thats when i went far another mri.
after the mri he decided i needed epidural steriod injection,i have had 2 so far need one more,
was doing ok till i got out to mow grass.
now my back really hurts ,it goes from my back to my butt cheek and down my right leg to my feet, i don't dare lay on my side cause i can't stand it.on aug 27 i go far more blood work then to my dr.the next week
i know there is something that isn't right ,my right hip is so sore and painful i can't touch it,

August 22, 2009 - 7:08pm
(reply to ratdog)

Please let us know how your doctor visit goes, and how the lab results are---we're hoping for the best.

August 23, 2009 - 6:42am

Sorry about that, computer being weird. I try not to push my activity level to hard. I do a little today, a little tomarrow, and sometimes take a break in between for a day or 2. Some people call me lazy but sometimes you need to make your self slow down and not be in rush to get somthing done. I also try hot showers, and losts of rest the day before i do anything heavy, or stressfull. Sometimes if you can find a comfort zone, and keep track of when you start hurting during your tasks you can learn to understand when it is time to stop before it is to late. I am a person that likes to get a task done once i start it, but sometimes you just need to walk away and finish it later.

August 22, 2009 - 5:22pm
(reply to MonicaB27)

hi MonicaB27
theres not much that i do any more,my poor husband does all the shopping and anything else thats need to be done.i can't sit but far just a couple of mins, i have my computer sitting up high so i stand and do what i need to do which isn't much.i take hot showers and lots of pain pills,i don't get in a car unless its to go to dr.by the time i get back i am in so much pain,i use heat and cold compress but not much help.

August 22, 2009 - 7:23pm
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