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Increase in nasal bone- your views please

By Anonymous July 1, 2009 - 8:08am
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Hello everyone.I have some doubt about my nose.My nose is not long and sharp ..instead it is short and small.The lower part(cartilage) of my nose is normal(neither too wide not too narrow).My nasal bridge is normal too.however my nasal bone is small.When seen from side view my nose starts from down than usual(usual in comparison with people with long sharp nose) and looks straight ..it looks normal.However,from the front view my nasal bone is visible but its not that prominent in real .when taken a close-up picture its like only the cartilage and the nostrils are visible and the nasal bone is not visible at all. This really pisses me off.I have a well defined face cut(oval shape), nice features …but only my nose spoils the entire look…it is the only e non-prominent feature and I hate it.is there any natural technique(like pulling the present nasal bone) to make it look prominent?If not .do I opt for a building nose bridge surgery ?wil that help in my case?

can u please suggest nose makeup techniques as well to hightight the nasal bone?

P.S:In my family all have long ,sharp beautiful noses and its only me who doesn’t..so they make fun of me .I am way too consious about my nose and I need help..please advise..

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EmpowHER Guest

Thank you Daine.Its helped me a lot.My thoughts on my nose has changed totally.I happen to talk with few people on how my nose looked(which i never did before) and I was surprised to know; they said it was cute.I love my nose now.
It feels good to to have been associated with this community.I happen to read a lot of articles in here and trust me its best councelling for women that i have even known.the answers are so quick and prompt. All you ladies rock.

July 7, 2009 - 8:14am

Anon, you are so welcome.

And please know that if a proposed husband for you rejects you on the basis of your nose alone, you are not supposed to be with that person. There will be someone who will be enchanted with the way you look, probably because of the sparkle in your eyes or because of your smile. So look at it this way -- it may be that your nose helps you find a husband who is more attracted to YOU than to a general idea of beauty. The most important thing is that it sounds like you are a little more comfortable with yourself now, and that makes me happy. And I'm very glad you talked to your family. Do it again if the teasing starts up again, and again and again if you have to. They need to know that you are sincere on this.

Best wishes to you and your gorgeous Halle Berry nose. =)

July 6, 2009 - 9:02am
EmpowHER Guest

Very true..you guess is perfect- My nose resembles halle berry's .Most of my friends say that I look like her.I am an asian and to be very honest with you, people like halle berry are not considered good(though she is the most beautiful women in the west).My family concern lies with regards to my marriage- here the tradition is arranged marriages- where initially the photo of the man/woman is shared, where they see the looks/features and then based on liking the process is taken forward; which may be a disadvantage to me.Whatsoever, no ones perfect.I know i look good, I am very talented and I am not going to let anything dampen my confidence(for no mistake of mine).I did talk to my family members yesterday about how i felt and how it was affecting my confidence.They understood it hopefully.Moreover, as you said it depends on individual to let these things affect youself.Thanks Diane...You dont really know who relieved I feel now.Thank you so much:)

July 4, 2009 - 4:50am


Let me just chime in here and say that in my view, your family is way out of line. To taunt you in front of others -- when you have asked them to stop -- is just plain cruel.

I know exactly what kind of nose you have, because it's the nost my best friend has. And you sound very pretty. Perhaps there is a bit of jealousy on their part? Perhaps you could come up with a few things to keep in your mind to say when this happens in front of others, things like:

-- My family seems obsessed with my nose. I think they're jealous.
-- Hey, it came from their genes.
-- I think I must be adopted. My family is way too sensitive about my nose.

Or just this: "I love my nose." And then leave silence.

And you should know that you are in GREAT company as far as noses that other people love. It sounds like your nose resembles the shape of Halle Berry's nose, and hers is the nose that plastic surgeons get the most requests for. Sally Field has a nose like yours. So does Victoria Beckham. None of them have particularly strong bridges.

Here's a pic of Katie Holmes, Cameron Diaz and Blake Lively, and none of them have strong bridges in my view. Jennifer Aniston does, but then, what doesn't Jennifer Aniston have, LOL?:


It looks to me like Kate Beckinsale also has a similar nose, and this picture is good enough that it might help you with the makeup:


The most important sentence to me that you wrote was "You are absolutely right that my nose looks fine." I love that you can see that and say that and that you know that your family is wrong. And when you are older and have children of their own, I know one thing for certain: You'll never tease them about any aspect of their looks. And they will be happy, happy souls.

July 3, 2009 - 8:15am
EmpowHER Guest

Yes it did help.You are absolutely right that my nose looks fine...Nobody has ever told me that its bad but my family does not understand that.Their idea of beauty is a having a long sharp nose.Actually speaking I m not obsessed to have a surgery,but i am way too fed up of the comments from my family,which is been happening for years now.They taunt me in front of all and its embrassing.I did ask them to stop doing so as it hurts-but in vain.I am not too sure if i may opt for the surgery but yeah it does feel good to hear from you.Thanks

July 3, 2009 - 12:33am
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