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Pregnancy on Jaz?????

By October 9, 2009 - 6:43pm
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Hello Rosa....It is me again. I asked you some questions early in the week. WELL...here I am back again. My Wife is using Jaz as I stated before. When I last spoke to you she had missed 2 pills in third week, we were on Tuesday and she had missed Sunday and Monday and NOT doubled up to catch up! We are now on Friday, I went away on a 2 day business trip and get back and she is now 4 days down Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, Thursday....she takes the pill because I ask her if she had so on FRIDAY she takes a pill.....so she missed Sunday, Monday, took one on Tuesday then missed Wednesday and Thursday and took one Friday when I returned. So hear we are Saturday and she is on the pill meant for Tuesday....we made love up until I left and immediately after I returned....Here is my question: Should she at this point FINISH TAKING the pills she has or STOP AT THIS POINT??? She has purchased a new package of Jaz for the next month.....however????? Should we at this point be concerned, stop taking, wait and see for her period to start or not, she is not due to start for another 8-10 days (today being the 10th)...she is clock work period every month around 18-20......HELP PLEASE???

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EmpowHER Guest

i take jaz and did not know that i suppose to start right after the first pack is completed and i had unprotected sex and you know what happen. two days aback i had unprotected sex again and apparently now i feel sick. so I am pregnant or is it just my mind.

June 30, 2015 - 11:05am

Hello...it is DavnTuk again.....can anybody help me here please....

Thank you all for all of your very helpful updates on pregnancy and fertility and the PILL. We have been trying this month to get pregnant. Stopped taking "Yasmin" 1 week before beginning of cycle, on November 23. Cycle: 5-days till Nov. 27....Made unprotected love Nov.27, 28 and 29.(days 5,6,7) then made love day 7 to day 14 everyday and then alternating day 12, 14, 16, 18, 21 and 23 day.....her period is clock work and should start?? 22/23 of December if she is not pregnant.

Question: Will she still show signs of normal period like tender breasts and bloating, soreness etc etc Normal period stuff, even if she might be pregnant?

Question: Can she still have a semi-period, signs of period or spotting if pregnant?

Question: When will she begin to really feel or sense that she might be pregnant?

Question: How many days after period should have started should we wait before we do a Pregnancy-test?

Question: Anything else you can think of I missed please.

Thank you,
David and Tuktar

December 16, 2009 - 7:04pm

Dear Alison......Thank you again. You have been very helpful in helping ME to understand. I will ask you then...at this point Tuktar has missed 2 pills then taken 1 and missed 2 more all in the 3rd week. I do not know today if she missed. She did take the last 2 days. So she is 4 days off in the 3rd week. 1) YOU said that if these pills are taken as directed then she will not Ovulate.....and if she does not take as directed I guess she will????? So, then since she has missed 4 days in the 3rd week....2) will these pills still be effective??? and 3) Should she continue to take them till they are used up? 4) You also said that normally women using these do not have a period or if she misses taking the pills she may also not have a period??? I am not quite clear here..can you shed some light on these questions. Since we have been together Tuk's period you could set a clock by; always between the 18th and 20th.....5) Tuk has a week and 4 days left of the pills....should she just continue till gone and then start the new package as scheduled when this one is gone? OR??? Thanks, DavnTuk

October 12, 2009 - 6:20am
EmpowHER Guest

Dear Alison.....
Thank you again for your help here. I will work with Tuk and we will get this together. I know she wants a baby...I am not sure exactly how much NOW....but I do know she is not good at this PILL thing. She is now 4 days in arrears and counting...so I guess my question about taking them any further was more for affect then it was for the concern of pregnancy and birth defects. I was concerned only that if she was pregnant now...however you have answered all of the critical questions relating to early pregnancy......so the question is...are the pills having any affect now if she continues to take them till they are gone??? or should she stop and start the new set on Sunday? Please what are the other two methods that you have been talking about? Maybe the one she can take once a month is a good alternative for her. I am all for the baby if she is pregnant.....as it will be my first and I am really looking forward to watching the whole process and being with her from start to finish....I am so ready at this point.......so to me if she is I am OK with it. Anyway....thanks for the help. DavnTuk

October 11, 2009 - 6:11pm
EmpowHER Guest

Thank you Alison.....Your answers were very helpful and I appreciate the additional information. I guess I was not so clear in what I said. Tuk's sister said that the PILL was much better then the EC form of birth control and that is why Tuk started using the pill. It has just been hard for her to remember to take it and now she is 4-days back and still she has not doubled up. so we have had several Love making sessions and WE may end up being three by the sounds of it......If what I am understanding is correct she missed the first 2 and then took one and then she missed two more and we have been making love in between all of this..so there is a good chance that she is pregnant...only time will tell now...my question was...should she continue or stop taking the pills??? and then we wait and see. DavnTuk

October 11, 2009 - 9:32am
(reply to Anonymous)

I hope I answered your question...should she stop or continue taking the pills...in my previous (albeit long-winded) response.

The short-answer: there has been no evidence that taking birth control pills causes birth defects, when taken during early pregnancy.

The ideal-answer: Tuk would decide what she wants to do, and make it her priority to either a) not be pregnant at this time, and take her pill consistently and correctly every day without being reminded, or b) decide to try to become pregnant at this time, and stop taking her pills in order to begin tracking her monthly cycles, so that her and her doctor can better determine ovulation and due dates (when pregnancy occurs).

What she is doing now: taking the pill on and off (mostly off), then taking emergency contraception, is going to not only "confuse" her menstrual cycles (as this is a lot of synthetic hormones suddenly in her body...and then suddenly not in her body), that it is best for her to make a healthy decision about her body. If she wants a pregnancy, it is best not to take hormonal contraception and not to take emergency contraception, and begin taking prenatal vitamins. If she does not want a pregnancy at this time...please let her know there are very good options for hormonal contraception that she would only need to remember once/month or four times per year!

October 11, 2009 - 12:38pm
(reply to Alison Beaver)

Dear Alison, Rosa and others who have answered my questions....Thank you so much and please be patient with me if I ask what may seemingly be ignorant questions....This is my first baby and my wife is Thai and does not speak English so I am the middle man so to speak. My question at this point is: My wife is clock work Period and usually a very heavy period even when she was taking Yaz....it came between the 23 and 25 of every month and it was heavy......she has been off of Yaz since 1-week before the start of her last period as she decided she wanted to get pregnant now. At the 7th day of her cycle we started making love very regularly all the way through her 23rd day.....She started what appeared to be a very early period this month...on the 17th-ten days early and it was more like spotting...not heavy and only 3-days.....the spots were no more then nickle in size and pinkish not the heavy red/brown color as before.
QUESTION: Is it possible for my wife to be pregnant and still show the signs and even have a sort-of-semi-period???? She wants to know because this cycle was very much out of the norm for her....as long as we have been married and for as long as she has been taking birth control even before Yaz.....she has only been early by maybe a day or two at most...so 10-days seemed a little bit TOO early???
Thank you again...from Dave--Loving Husband and Hopeful Father!!!

December 19, 2009 - 6:13pm

Hello Ms. Susanc...........
Thank you once again for your information. I am new at this and I think that maybe Tuk is as well. We met 3 years ago and she has a daughter from her previous EX. She has not used any form of birth control the 8 years she has been single and according to litle sister she has not been seeing anybody until she met me....she is from a very different culture then American and I see the way she is about everything in her life...she has said from day one that she wants a baby with me so maybe you are right. She has been using the Instant Birth control when we made love before she switched to this. Her sister told her this was better????? So...Tuk should have taken her last pill yesterday from her old pack and then start the new pack today......WELL, that won't happen...as of yesterday she was now 4 pills out, today being Sunday.....will it be ok for her to start the new pack anyway? and then I will be her reminder everyday, or should we just go back to old method until after we see if she is pregnant??? I do not want any risk of birth defects IF she is pregnant and from what I have read from several sources including Bayer...This pill has a higher chance of that then any other pill available. So.....I guess maybe we should go back to other method until we know for sure and then if we are safe she start new pack a the appropriate time after her cycle starts.....Please tell what is the appropriate time so I can make sure she starts correctly again if she is not pregnant. Thank you again for all of your help....DavnTuk

October 10, 2009 - 6:58pm
(reply to DavnTuk)

Hi Dav,

I've been reading your posts, and wanted to answer your most recent question. It sounds like you are wondering a few things:
1. Is it OK to continue taking birth control pills (specifically Yaz) if there is a chance of pregnancy, as could it cause birth defects?
2. Tuk's sister said that "this was better", after Tuk used "Instant Birth control" after sex. I assume this is "emergency contraception", or "Plan B", and that Tuk's sister said that emergency contraception, or EC for short, is better than regular birth control?
3. Tuk's dependence on you to remember to take her pill daily

Here are some answers to the above questions, in order...I hope this helps!
1. According to the Yaz patient information brochure (from Bayer), they are saying that there is no evidence that birth control pills cause birth defects in early pregnancy, just as what I read from other company's birth control pills. Here is Bayer's exact words: "There is no conclusive evidence that oral contraceptive use is associated with an increase in birth defects when taken inadvertently during early pregnancy. Previously, a few studies had reported that oral contraceptives might be associated with birth defects, but these studies have not been confirmed. Nevertheless, oral contraceptives should not be used during pregnancy."

If you think about it, a pregnancy is confirmed at about "week 4" (when a woman misses her period, and takes a pregnancy test). And, actually...she has only been pregnant for TWO weeks (not four) at this time. (for due date purposes, a woman's pregnancy is counted from date of ovulation...which happens approximately two weeks before the actual implantation of the fertilized egg, when a viable pregnancy occurs). Does this make sense? I wanted to give you this additional information, as the worry of birth defects is understandable, but if Tuk does become pregnant while taking her pills on-and-off, she would only be pregnant for 2 weeks, and there is no evidence (after 30 years of women using the pill) that the pill causes birth defects. Of course, it is MUCH BETTER for the baby and Tuk if she takes hormonal contraception consistently and correctly every day, and then chooses to stop using the pill when you two decide to try to conceive. The best reason for this: she will know when her periods occur, and can track ovulation more precisely when not on the pill. Knowing when ovulation occurs is important...it helps her doctor more accurately pinpoint the due date, how far along in the pregnancy she is, etc. (A woman does not have a menstrual period while taking the pill; the bleeding she experiences is "withdrawal bleeding" from the withdrawal of hormones...I can explain this more if you'd like). A woman also does not ovulate while taking the pill as directed.

2. Emergency contraception is no where near better than the regular and consistent use of birth control! EC is only up to 70-80% effective at preventing a pregnancy, compared to the pill (taken consistently and correctly), which is up to 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.

3. It would be ideal (my opinion) if Tuk could remember to use the pill independent of you reminding her. Does she have computer or email access? If so, she can sign up for a daily reminder: http://www.yaz-us.com/consumer/tools_support/e_reminders.jsp. As Susan pointed out, there may be another form of birth control that would suit Tuk better, that does not have to be remembered daily.

Let us know if you have any further questions!

October 11, 2009 - 7:06am

Dear Susanc.....
Thank you for helping here. As I had told Rosa many days ago...we are planning a baby mid to late next year......IF she is pregnant now I guess that of course gets moved up. Tuktar just does not seem to remember unless she is around me...whether I ask her or she just remembers because I am around...when I am not there she tends to forget or she is so far off her time schedule; she was taking them every morning at about 8am and then it got to noon and then to 6pm and now it is bedtime. Her period is like clock work it is always 18th-20th of every month start. I have asked her why she tends to forget except when I am around and she replied "because we like to make love and it reminds me and when you are not here then I watch TV and fall asleep and just seem to forget". So you are telling me that even though she is behind three days now and has not made them up she should continue through the fourth week until they are gone??? I guess we will find out when her period is dew if she is pregnant or not.....Thank you.....Dav n Tuk

October 10, 2009 - 6:32am
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