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Is there a connection between breast cancer and brain cancer?

By September 3, 2009 - 8:50pm
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I love hearing from old friends. Anyone is much better at staying in touch with me than I am with them. But, a sad event was the reason for a call from an old friend.

I've never met this woman in person, but we've been online friends for about 14 years and have occasionally chatted on the phone. She called to share the sad news that another of our longtime online buddies died today from brain cancer. We three were part of an original group of foodies on another online community that started umpteen years ago. While Karen was always the glue that held us together, Joyce was our resident optimist.

Joyce was a 3-time survivor of breast cancer, and celebrated each cancer-free year like a birthday. Another of our friends, also a longtime cancer survivor, died of brain cancer a little over a year ago. I know of another breast cancer survivor who succumbed to brain cancer.

The most common source of brain metastases in males is lung cancer and in females is breast cancer (29), but with the increasing frequency of lung cancer in females, it is expected that for females this too will be the primary cause of metastatic brain tumors (22). METASTATIC BRAIN TUMORS, IRSA.org

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute have identified a gene that may play a role in breast cancer metastasis to the brain, according to a report in Molecular Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research., Gene Predicts Post-surgical Survival From Brain Metastasis Of Breast Cancer Patients, ScienceDaily.com

Maybe I'm answering my own question; there seems to be a connection between breast and brain cancer.

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About 1 in 6 people today have a pituitary tumour that causes prolonged high prolactin and that in turn will cause not only breast cancer but will cause it to go directly to the lymph nodes, now willy nilly, but with direct purpose.
"Search for Breast Cancer and Prolactin - Radio National (by Dr. Charles Clevenger)

As a person who has gone through this, I can certainly say that after a few thousand hours of research I have learned a lot. Originally scientists believed that many of these pituitary tumours were the result of the many live monkey viruses (SV40) in the polio shots given in the early 1950's and early 1960'. People were told the viruses were dead but they were alive. Go to Youtube and look up SV40, polio, cancer, pituitary and Merck.

Years later they discovered that many people with brain, breast & bone cancers had monkey viruses in those tumours. (I'm still wondering today if those with negative blood who received the RH positive shots might have fared worse, although I know little about that. It is of major concern to me though, since most shots today are designed by mixing things with cells of insects and animals such as dogs etc as in one of the later flu shots.)

By the the time they realized those viruses were alive and seemed to be causing cancers, millions of people all around the world had been given the shot. Unfortunately it not only changed their DNA but would also change the DNA of their future generations, making them also susceptible to every disease those monkeys in hot climates got, including cancers, herpes, and other sex type viruses. (I suspect also Lyme since it can take up to 20 years to experience the deadly symptoms of that as well.)

There are now more and more websites connecting brain inflammation to all kinds of serious physical diseases. It's extremely important that doctors start recommending prolactin checks for women as often as they get mammograms, because it's the high prolactin that will cause those cancers. Although mine was only at a level of 60 when high, I experienced massive changes already when it was only 3!!

It's also very important that all women with such a tumour must avoid anti-psychotics because they will cause the tumours to grow bigger, and will enhance the already serious weight gain problems many pituitary tumour patients will have to start with. Some of you may be put on that at first because some of these types of tumours, though often not cancerous at first, will display as many differences in functionality and behaviour as will cancerous brain tumours.

I believe that's because these types of drugs suppress the dopamine when in fact, the dopamine needs to be INCREASED in people with such tumours, with medicinces such as Cabergoline/Dostinex (a bioactive drug which you may have to take for life if your tumour isn't removed). They may try to prescribe Bromocriptine first but that tends to cause a number of problems.

So many people these days seem to have reduced dopamine levels versus increased, which was my case also, which in turn also caused me to fall often as well, like a Parkinson's patient, eventually destroying my knees very badly!

Often accompanying this will also be serious muscle muscle spasms lasting for a few hours, for which a patient may need Cogentin/Benztropine which I feel is the best muscle treatment in the world. For one thing, you don't have to take it all the time like you do most muscle relaxants, so it's not likely to be as harmful as other muscle relaxants which may have to be taken the rest of your life. For another, it will save you a lot of money because you only need to take it when you can sense the spasms coming because it works so fast!

I believe that the reason this works so fast is because it too increases the dopamine. (No, you don't need to worry about becoming a sex maniac if you are given Doxtinex/Cabergoline or psychotic if you take Cogentin/Benztropine because in the first place you likely won't have any sex drive at all, and in the second, you will likely have far too little dopamine anyway.)

Cogentin works very quickly which I "think" may also be the result of the raised dopamine with that drug. It seems that more people today suffer from dopamine levels that are too low than too high, and that can cause a lot of serious muscle problems. (Might that be why there are more and more Parkinson's patients and those with other neurological disorders as well?)

Most doctors know so little about the brain because universities didn't discuss it much even though it's as important as the heart! As a result, most will also believe that you can't have both a prolactinoma and develop acromegaly at the same time. This is false. In cases where the tumour is more than 1cm, it's very common to have both and if you have both your life is even more endangered than if you just have high prolactin. (A sign of the second may be massive increase in hand or shoe size, increased tongue width, increased nose bridge size, jaw size, etc.)

It's also increasingly known that sugars (including to much fruit) appear to highly promote cancers. (Possibly even prostate cancer.)

Do your research and you will find out that this is true, and for heaven's sakes, don't forget to ask for that prolactin test the next time they test your blood for other things!

Even if it doesn't indicate a level higher than 3 (when my menstruation forever stopped because of it), it needs to be monitored at least every 5 years to find out if there has been any increase because it can be that deadly!

Whatever you do, especially if you have cancer, stay away from sugar, cancer's favourite food. Cancer loves that so much that when they remove our sentinel nodes, they put sugar in your body to see if the cancer is gone, because any cancer there will rush to gobble up the yummy yummy sugar!

Although this may not be the case, I was also personally concerned that this act may have been what caused my breast cancer also to go into the lymph nodes later! I hate the thought of sugar of any sort being injected into my body, or any anesthetic containing fluoride which would hasten hardening of arteries just as it hardens bones. And yes, I had that done too -- and yes, it burns like heck as well, if you don't fall asleep right away for surgery.

Sugar also promotes diabetes, poor eye sight, and possibly brain inflammation which in turn is also related to whole body inflammation that's increasingly common now. That may be because (or so I believe) one of the molecules in it is similar to cocaine, and that's also why it's so addictive. The more you eat, the more you will crave it.

Whether it's body inflammation that inflames the brain or vice versa seems still hard to tell, but one thing scientists have discovered is that when you have brain inflammation, you will also tend to have serious physical disorders as well as often even mental disorders -- at least one of them anyway!

Not many studies appeared to have been done on the brain until recently even though the brain is so important! Here they are, now encouraging marijuana use in many places, without even knowing what will happen to people. On one hand, weed may lower prolactin levels by lowering stress, but on the other it also tends to lower dopamine, so I am terrified of that as well.
There is now a lot of information about these things yet still not enough.

Again, don't forget to ask for that prolactin test which could mean a difference between life and death -- especially if you are taller than most people (taller women do get more breast cancer) and more so if you have signs of calcification, a low sex drive, are always fatigued, you sneeze a lot, your eyes and or ears have intermittent pain; or you notice sudden and marked growth of hands or feet or very sudden increase in weight despite no changes in your eating habits.

Even if you don't have those things, ask for that test every 5 years anyway. Another good thing to do is trace the size of your hands and feet each year if you are over 30, then date that traced image and place it in a binder for comparison with a new drawing each year thereafter, because that kind of growth after age 30 (acromegaly) can lead to even more deadly cancers and other deadly problems.

If you have high prolactin and or notice those other things, an MRI will likely be recommended with the injection of gadolinium or something similar into your body. They will tell you it's completely safe.

I would also NOT recommend gadolinium or gadolinium-type injections in this MRI more than once or twice in a lifetime, nor would I recommend MRI's higher than the Tesla 1.5.

While will give doctors much ore information due to clarity and brightness, keep in mind that gadolinium is a heavy metal like mercury, and in later years seems to be not nearly as safe as previously believed. I suspect it may also cause the same things that have happened to me, such as extreme stiffening of the muscles a few years later that will also result in tight joints, many knee tears if you fall, and very severe arthritis in nearly every joint from head to toe.

They may tell you that you HAVE to have those injections or else they won't do the MRI. You have the right to say no, so if they have that kind of attitude, report it to superiors, or seek help elsewhere. (If you have a pituitary tumour or spinal issues, they may recommend this every couple of years).

Today I feel like a person walking around with rigor mortis. Yes, it is very painful. Indeed gadolinium type products can cause other serious problems so never take it unless you have done a lot of research on its side effects. Don't let doctors pressure you into things that will do to your body what has been done to mine.

Also avoid pesticides like the plague, as these too are known to cause cancers, particularly the types that kill not just weeds but EVERYTHING GREEN, and particularly be aware if you have been sprayed with massive doses of agents orange, purple or white (which many military families were also sprayed with in vast amounts in Canada and the USA, let alone just the people of Viet Nam. Search for its use in your own country.

December 4, 2017 - 1:28pm

While there may be a genetic link, there's another cause as well.

My sister's best friend had breast cancer and is now battling brain cancer. Apparently the molecules of most chemotherapy drugs used to fight breast cancer are too large to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, which means that a cancer cell that metastasizes to the brain is not bombarded with the toxins it would be if it metastasized to another organ. Both my sister and her friend wondered whether the brains of breast cancer patients should be scanned at some point when other tests are being done to see if cancer has recurred - say, six months or a year later. It's an interesting thought.

Here are two studies that researched the chemotherapy/blood-brain barrier issue:



September 4, 2009 - 8:45am
(reply to Diane Porter)

I'm still reading more about this, as well. We seem to focus so much energy on understanding and fighting breast cancer, but not so much on potential ensuing conditions like brain cancer.

September 4, 2009 - 4:57pm
(reply to alysiak)

Lieb,J."Defeating cancer with antidepressants." ecancermedicalscience DOI.10.3332/eCMS.2008.88
The answer to your question is in this article.

September 5, 2009 - 8:31am
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