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I Used to Hate My Teeth, But Now I Can’t Stop Smiling

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Eshojay Slay, SmileDirectClub Courtesy of Eshojay Slay

Most of us are all too familiar with the teen experience of living with braces. We endured those regular orthodontist visits to get our braces tightened, gripped onto the dental chair as they strapped on new colored bands, and got our lip caught in the brackets when we attempted to smile at a crush.

Like many other children, Eshojay Slay, popular YouTube vlogger, had traditional braces throughout middle school.

“When I had traditional braces, they were painful and often caused cuts in my mouth from the wires. I was embarrassed by them,” Eshojay said.

After enduring about 18 to 24 months of life with braces, most patients are able to get them removed and celebrate their new smile.

But, Eshojay’s experience with traditional braces was a bit different.

Her single mother could not afford to get Eshojay’s braces tightened properly every month, especially when her other five children needed medical care as well. And as a result, Eshojay never got the straight teeth without gaps that she dreamed about.

When Eshojay was a little older and ready to fully correct her teeth, she did her research on the best option. She considered several different treatments including traditional braces, Invisalign and veneers. But for Eshojay, braces would take too long, and Invisalign and veneers were expensive.

It wasn’t until Eshojay found SmileDirectClub that she was able to achieve her dream of a smile she loved.

“Who would have thought you could get invisible braces remotely without even having to go to one dental visit,” Eshojay said in a vlog on her YouTube channel.

SmileDirectClub’s convenient service allows you to get the straight teeth you’ve always wanted but at a much cheaper price and in a less stressful process, all in the comfort of your own home.

After much research on SmileDirectClub, Eshojay decided to give the program a try. She was naturally hesitant at first, hoping that the cheaper cost, compared to other invisible aligners, would not mean cheap results.

“I was honestly afraid of the process until about the third tray because it initially seemed absurd to fix your teeth at home,” Eshojay said.

Each month, Eshojay was sent sets of aligners that adjusted her teeth little by little to help correct her smile.

Today, Eshojay’s treatment with SmileDirectClub is complete and she is extremely pleased with the results. During her journey to straighter teeth, Eshojay decided to film her SmileDirectClub process with her viewers on YouTube with the hopes of alleviating some stress and providing answers for anyone else interested in the program.

Before speaking with Eshojay, I watched a few of her videos on YouTube regarding her SmileDirectClub reviews. She talks about all aspects of the experience, including how to insert the trays, how long you need to actually wear them, and some helpful tips that could make someone else’s process go as smoothly as possible.

Watching Eshojay’s journey with SmileDirectClub through her YouTube videos, I really noticed her shift in confidence from the video reviewing her first tray insert all the way to the video of her tenth tray.

“It’s been an extremely weird transition, from no one giving me compliments on my teeth to almost everyone I meet telling me how beautiful my teeth are. Some people just don’t understand how much your smile impacts you and your happiness,” Eshojay told me.

When first starting with SmileDirectClub, Eshojay’s main concern was the spacing in her teeth. Today, Eshojay’s pearly whites are space-free.

“If you watch my first video, you’ll see that my teeth were ugly – just ugly. Just space and nothing to smile about at all,” Eshojay said. “But now I am a cheesy little bird.”

My conversation with Eshojay not only illustrated the positive results of a newer option for straightening teeth, but also showed how something as simple as a nice smile can entirely transform a person’s confidence.

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