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Type 2 Diabetes, What Are Alternative Treatments? - Dr. Kogan (VIDEO)

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Type 2 Diabetes, What Are Alternative Treatments? - Dr. Kogan (VIDEO)
Type 2 Diabetes, What Are Alternative Treatments? - Dr. Kogan (VIDEO)
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Dr. Kogan recalls some alternative ways to treat patients with type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Kogan:
In the old days, back in the older days of medicine I should say, we were very limited in our armamentarium of things we could offer to our patients, and there were only several, you know, groups of medications we could use, each one of them with terrible side effects.

Here at Doctors at Trump Place, we try to approach diabetic treatment from the more holistic standpoint. So, we are very much in favor of using herbals and supplement as the first line for diabetic treatment. Different people have different need for different cocktails, so to speak, of these herbal concoctions.

Before we decide what to use on the patient, you know, we look at their entire profile. Is this a man or a woman? What is their family status? Are they sexually active? How many kids do they have? You know, we will take into consideration their lifestyle and how compliant they can be with a supplement or a vitamin. Based on all of these factors, we put together a comprehensive program, of which vitamins and supplements are a huge part.

Just to mention some of the supplements and herbals we have used successfully in my practice, bitter melon is one, Ashwagandha is another; both are Ayurvedic herbs. Gymnema Sylvestre is another very popular Ayurvedic herb, which is a component of many formulas, which are commonly used for diabetes.

I am personally very fond of GlucoCare, which is put out by Himalaya–-a very reputable company based in India. I believe they have been treating diabetes herbally around the world for over 50 years.

About Dr. Svetlana Kogan, M.D.:
Dr. Svetlana Kogan, M.D., is the Founder of Doctors at Trump Place (DTP). She is board certified in internal medicine and graduated from Cornell University. She is also a member of the American Medical Association, the American Anti-Aging Academy, and a clinical researcher and patient advocate. Dr. Kogan is affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital.

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