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How Is Renal Failure Treated? - Dr. Kogan (VIDEO)

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How Is Renal Failure Treated? - Dr. Kogan (VIDEO)
How Is Renal Failure Treated? - Dr. Kogan (VIDEO)
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Dr. Kogan describes the treatment options for renal failure (kidney failure).

Dr. Kogan:
For women with renal failure my biggest advice is, let’s hope not to get there. However, if you are there already for whatever unfortunate reason, let’s try to make the best of it.

Dietary intervention comes first. Women with renal failure have abnormal excretion of sodium and potassium. Therefore, they have to meet with their doctor and nutritionist to figure out the way to eat a nice, balanced meal without putting themselves at risk of consuming too much salt, okay?

Another way to approach the renal failure is, unfortunately when it gets to the point beyond conventional treatment is to have evaluation for hemodialysis. Hemodialysis is a machine that effectively functions like an alter kidney. A patient sits in the comfortable chair and over the course of several hours their blood gets run through a special machine and gets cleansed of the toxins that their native kidney unfortunately cannot cope with.

There are some conventional medications that the doctor may choose to prescribe to people who are not on hemodialysis who have kidney disease, and usually the task of those medications is to create a nice balance between the electrolytes: the sodium and potassium and phosphorus in the blood.

About Dr. Svetlana Kogan, M.D.:
Dr. Svetlana Kogan, M.D., is the Founder of Doctors at Trump Place (DTP). She is board certified in internal medicine and graduated from Cornell University. She is also a member of the American Medical Association, the American Anti-Aging Academy, and a clinical researcher and patient advocate. Dr. Kogan is affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital.

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