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How Are You Bringing Emotional Health Studies To Countries Abroad - HER Health Expert - Marilyn Murray

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Internationally Recognized Psychotherapist, Theorist, Educator, and Author, Marilyn Murray shares how she is bringing the field of emotional health studies to countries around the world.

Michelle King Robson: So quickly talk to us about what you've done in Russia because I mean I have watched the journey, I see your journals that you, you know that you e-mail out and it's, it's so amazing the work that you've done over there and the lives that you've touched. And I know that you know they are 30 years behind or more then when we were in the U.S. so tell us what you are doing there?

Dr. Marilyn Murray: Well, I -- as I mentioned earlier I taught at the university here. And then I was asked to teach for an international university. And one of the places I went was KIB Ukraine 11 years ago. And almost everyone in the class was from the former Soviet Union, and I just really left my heart with them. So the next year, it's been 10 years now. In 2002, I was asked to go to Moscow, and I eagerly accepted because my father's family is from Russia. And I learned to say "Ya es Ameriki, nor na palavino Russkaya." which means I'm from America but I'm half Russian.

And they go, "Russkaya! Russkaya!" They will hug me and kiss me, and but I believe that God can take any bad thing and make a good thing come from it, and the fact that here in this country that I was able to create and bring about healing and change for a lot of people came out my own abuse issues. Well, in Russia I as I've dealt with and I met family members over there, I find that all of my father 's family that stayed in Russia everyone to down to the last one was either murdered outright by Stalin's starved to death and were sent to Gulags in Siberia.

And I met two of my cousins that had that experience. They are in their 80s now, and having that background God has used that because that pays for my right to stand there and speak there. And that they never ever say to me you wouldn't understand which is what they say to any other outsider especially in America.

Michelle King Robson: Right.

Dr. Marilyn Murray: But I -- there I have now over 2000 students that I personally have taught and then we have instructors. I have five levels of classes that go over a number of years, and so I have people that I've been working with 9 and 10 years so I have seen incredible, incredible changes in their lives. And they now are teaching other people, and we're into a -- now, we have some people that are fourth-generation students that they are teaching who are teaching --

Michelle King Robson: So it's like training, train the trainers program, right?

Dr. Marilyn Murray: Trainers who are training the trainers, who are training the trainers.

Michelle King Robson: That's amazing.

Dr. Marilyn Murray: Yeah and so I'm so excited this last 10 years. I had no clue when I went 10 years ago for one to teach a one week class that is -- that I would be living in Moscow. I'm there six to seven months a year, every year, and we just open the Murray Method International Center there I opened this.

Michelle King Robson: Congratulations.

Dr. Marilyn Murray: Thank you. And so --

Michelle King Robson: Well-deserved.

Dr. Marilyn Murray: That's wonderful thing about that is even when I'm gone back that then everything will continue to carry on, and I just recently was asked to be a columnist for the Moscow Times which I'm finding out is, is really an amazing opportunity because they have a huge international readership, and I'm getting letters and e-mails from people literally all around the world, and so I'm feeling a lot of pressure too because the column it's the first time that its paper, it's the only English language daily paper in all of Russia.

But its read 65% of the readers are Russian, and there the new young Russian who is you know is got may be an MBA that can may be got in a foreign country, and they are there that are really thinking for themselves and becoming, they are very sharp and bright young people, and so it's giving me an opportunity to talk about health, which is our theme is called 'Time To Live'.

Michelle King Robson: Well, it's been such an honor to interview you today. And I have watched your work over the past 10 plus years, and I can't thank you enough for all that you do, you've done for so many, and I love the emotional health piece of this. And you've made me now rethink how we're going to address this on Empower because it's so, it's so unnecessary. It's so much, it's so important, and it's really more important today than ever than ever.

Dr. Marilyn Murray: Than ever yes. And the exciting thing is we do live in 2012, and you're in the United States where we have resources like you and part what you do is, it is helping people see all the resources, and that's so amazing. I would love to have you in Russia. Unfortunately, like you said, they're like 30 years behind us, and this is very déjà vu for me. It's almost over there. It's like I've been there, done that. I understand what's going on, but they don't -- part of one of my frustrations in classes is when my students will -- they will be talking maybe about their own issues or their clients. You know say I have this situation, situation, and I would hear -- I would immediately have answers with like, for instance all the resources that you have. Oh call this, do that here, and over there they just say those don't exist here.

Michelle King Robson: And now they do.

Dr. Marilyn Murray: Well, now they are starting to. We're starting to get some -- I have some people who are able that now to give them what I call Hope for Healing, and I think that Hope for Healing worldwide today is greater than its ever been since the beginning of time.

Michelle King Robson: So thank you very much Marilyn. This is Michelle King Robson. Hope for Healing let's that that be our phrase for the day. Thank you.

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