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How Did Therapy Improve Your Life - HER Health Expert - Marilyn Murray

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Internationally Recognized Psychotherapist, Theorist, Educator, and Author, Marilyn Murray shares how therapy helped to improve her life.

Michelle King Robson: So it's like silent suffering which is what women do so often and then --

Dr. Marilyn Murray: Oh yes.

Michelle King Robson: -- and then suppress everything down and --

Dr. Marilyn Murray: And just -- and keep the smile, always keep the smile.

Michelle King Robson: Right so it affected your whole body. Yeah just affected every part of your being and internally as well as externally I would imagine.

Dr. Marilyn Murray: One of the ways I describe it is I was like you're too young to probably remember the old-fashioned pressure cookers, but we had this pressure cooker where you clamp the lid down really tight, only mine didn't have the escape route on the top. And it was like over the years the heat had just been getting turned up, and turned up until finally I was just going like ummmmmm [sound].

And I was at the verge of explosion, and doctors later told me that had I not done this therapy that I probably was just hours or days away from a massive heart attack or a stroke because…

Michelle King Robson: Yeah you were a time bomb

Dr. Marilyn Murray: Yeah it was literally that and so I was like this really badly infected wound that once you touch it, the whole thing explodes.

Michelle King Robson: Right.

Dr. Marilyn Murray: And that's what happened to me in therapy and just like today we don't do open heart surgery. Doctors don't do open heart surgery today like they did 30 years ago. They've learned a lot and the same thing in the field of trauma we learned a lot on how to deal with things so people today don't have to spend seven months like I did.

Michelle King Robson: Right. So now your professional focus is on trauma?

Dr. Marilyn Murray: Yes. Well, when I came back, I was a really different person in many ways not only -- all of the wonderful thing is all my physical pain was gone. I'm 75 now. And I think that I look better now probably then you know I was 44.

Michelle King Robson: It's hard to believe you're 75.

Dr. Marilyn Murray: When I was 44, and I have since that time before then I was as I said taking massive amounts of medication in the last 30 years number one, I never get sick. I haven't had but two colds in 30 years. I never had the flu during that time. I have never -- I've only missed two days of work ever during that time, and it just other then the fact that I'm 75 and my bone structurally are changing, and having a little problem there. I just -- I'm not sick anymore, and so that's just to me amazing. Now, that doesn't mean that everybody that does therapy is going to have all the physical problems gone? No, but for me that was the case.

Michelle King Robson: That was huge.

Dr. Marilyn Murray: It was huge, huge. And so I came back not only physically then healthy and being able to do all kinds of things that I never been able to do before in the way of exercise, and in fact I did long before 'Dancing With The Stars' was popular I did some ballroom dancing won all kinds of contests doing that, and it was just really great fun.

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