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Genital Warts: How Are These Treated? - Dr. Grobe

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Dr. Grobe explains how genital warts are treated and shares when you can return to sexual activity after treatment for genital warts.

Dr. Grobe:
To treat genital warts there are different choices based on location and based on convenience for the patients.

There are creams, topical creams that can be applied at home by the patient that, over time, will resolve the genital warts.

There are in-office treatments, so applications of trichloroacetic acid can then cause the warts to, it kind of burns the warts off and causes them to fall off.

There are different treatments based on locations. So the creams, the topical applications are appropriate for external genital warts.

If you have internal genital warts then you may use an acid solution to burn them, off or you may even use a laser to burn them off or have them surgically removed depending on the internal location.

As some alternative medicines that have proven successful there’s been research into green tea extracts, specifically a component of green tea called ECGC and that has been made into a cream for topical use on external genital warts and has been proven successful.

Cryocautery for treatment of genital warts would be appropriate for either internal or external genital warts.

Using cryocautery for genital warts for warts in other locations can be tricky based on, it’s difficult to control how deep you freeze the tissue.

So other treatments have kind of risen to the forefront and become a little bit more readily used besides the cryocautery because it’s easier to control that treatment area and depth of treatment.

Genital warts are usually transmitted through skin-to-skin contacts.

So if you have visible, actively growing warts and they come in contact to broken or abraded skin, that is typically how genital warts are transmitted.

So when there are no visible lesions it is more difficult to transmit the virus.

About Dr. Denise Quance Grobe, N.D.:
Dr. Denise Quance Grobe, N.D., is a licensed Naturopathic Physician. Her practice is directed towards women's health issues among adults and adolescents, with a focus on personalizing treatments to stimulate the body's healing potential. She blends botanical medicine, homeopathy, medical nutrition, and acupuncture with lifestyle counseling to provide the optimal level of care for her patients.

Dr. Quance Grobe received her doctorate degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, in 2004, and has continued to educate and practice within the local community. She is accomplished at treating Stress conditions, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Depression, Diabetes, PMS, Menopause, Hormone Balancing, and Osteoporosis.

Visit Dr. Grobe at The Center For True Harmony

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Genital Warts

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