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How do you deal with mania and impulsivness? Can you recognize your own mania?

By August 31, 2011 - 10:32am

I don't always recognize my manic-ness for what it is until after the fact. Does anybody have this issue, where later, they look back on a situation and feel their behavior was completely inappropriate, or felt too hyper, or too sensitive. Looked back and saw hysteria go to pure joy in moments? Anybody go shopping and grab grab grab. i have no money, this is impulsive. oh well, it makes me feel good kind of moments? What do you do to fix it? I have been in mental health facilities 3x. 2 times as a minor. All times with a diagnosis in bipolar type 2. For the last couple of years, i have refused to seek treatment. For the most part i do ok. i work full time and im a single mom. but then i recognize mania, slowly realize i am on a crash course to hell. I do not wish to go to therapy. i do not like psyche meds. What can i do to control my symptoms?

By October 14, 2011 - 1:00am

I have a good friend how has had bi polar ....back in days when it was called manic depressive...so over 30yrs now. She was so bad at times she would not be conscious of her actions...like drive all the way to LA from Sacramento...and than few days, a nice couple realized she was not okay in some park in LA and called help for her.
She now is off all meds and doing I think really well! She found spiritual belief that worked for her and also eats arvuyedic (sp?). I am talking about the Indian belief of eating a certain way do to your personality. She is not diabetic so it also keeps that in check.
But for over 15 years or more she has not been in hospital or even close to losing it like above.
The worse that happens now is she gets paranoid about people are breaking into her apt/ or room. Which was true so just adds to it.
But i just let her know if i see it getting worse and she has counselor she works with.
Soo i think she really has shown that there is great hope for people turning it around to something not that bad.
I know this may not work for every one but ....what would it hurt to try? good luck

October 14, 2011 - 1:00am
By September 9, 2011 - 5:50pm

First and foremost, thank you for your advice. Secondly, to help you understand my way of thinking, it really has a lot to do with my family history. I come from a long genetic line of mental illness. My grandfather shot himself, my mom is schizo, i have a bipolar aunt and uncle, several family members who suffer bouts of depression. It has been beat into my head since I was a young child that I would grow up and be just like my mother. I refused to acknowledge that. I was so scared to end up like the rest of my family that I pretend it doesn't exist. I'm afraid of the label on my forehead. I DO worry about everybody referring to me as "that crazy lady" and I feel like if I ignore it, it's not there. NOT BRIGHT. But, it was the only way I could justify not seeking treatment for so long. I am en route to finding myself a good therapist. I have my daughter in counseling to help her learn to express her feelings. (she is five and caught up in a bitter divorce/custody battle) I also wanted to add that I have gone to numerous counselor's in my past, and have tried so many meds that they started using meds that were still in experimental stages. They never got my cocktail right and i hated the numbness the meds made me feel. Also, it didn't help much as a child watching my mom go through so many medications and phases until they got it right. I felt like my mom was their experiment. I watched her go through so much I never wanted to go through that. I'm thinking more clearly now and I'm thinking baby steps. So starting with counseling and take it in stride from there. I will post to let u know when I have my first appointment.

Thanks again,

September 9, 2011 - 5:50pm
By September 6, 2011 - 1:24pm

I go thru the same thing as you do Mellonie, the difference being is that I chose to look this dead in the eye and not just with the notion to subdue what is happening to me, but to conquer it!
First thing: catch it in the act! Which is to say that you already know your symtoms of mania, that in itself is a huge step in getting a handle on that mania! As soon as you realize you are beginning a manic slide, get control of the situation you are in. Physically remove yourself! For instance, if you are in a store getting a bit too crazy shopping, set everything down right where you are and get out of the store. Just leave the cart right there and walk out! Don't worry what others may be thinking, they don't know you, will probably never see you again, & your focus needs to be on YOU! You are in the process of trying to save yourself...who cares what others think!?! So now, you have walked out of the store-GREAT! Now you want to find somewhere to sit down...a bench, your car, a curb if needed...just sit. Now, you should close your eyes. Take in like four deep breaths-slowly. One in real deep and slowly, then out-very slowly. If you still don't have control of yourself at this point, go directly into what is called 'Guided Imagery'. This is where you picture yourself, and I mean CLEARLY SEE THIS PICTURE in your mind, you take yourself to someplace you can recall that brought you happiness. If you don't have such a place-make one! With your imagination! Stay there until you feel you have control over yourself again. Now, go home and do number 2. I need to tell you that this next step should actually be (by ALL means) #1, but anyways...
Secondly you should: call your therapist!! Tell them you are sure you are entering a manic phase and ask them what steps you should take at that time. They may suggest to call your Psychiatrist for a possible med change. It's no big deal.
Now, it sounds to me like you are trying to avoid the medical field and medicine in general. DON'T!! That is a trick that our disease plays with us!! Believe me when I tell you that understanding your illness is just as important as learning to live with it. You have to learn what works for YOU-Mellonie! Do Not give a moments thought to what others think or suggest to you. Unless of course it is your med team. Because those are the only people that know the REAL you; accept you for who you are and will stand with you in your darkest hours and help you find the light again. If you had a med team that did not do that, pick yourself back up and put another team together. Also, I did note that you said you do not like psych meds or going to therapy. Well then sister, you ARE on a crash course to hell. But you are knowingly driving down that road and frankly you have no chance of survival! Plain and simple. I do understand your thinking though. I went thru so-o-o-o many medications before they found the right ones for me; but when they finally did Mellonie...I finally got back what I was searching for, for so long~MYSELF!!!! My head was clear, my anxiety was under control, I began to sleep again, and had a much clearer grasp of what was, did, & could again-happen to me. It has been a long road and I know I will never be cured of this illness. I HAVE learned however, with the proper treatment team & right medication(s), that I need never want to rip my hair out again! Wow, this has gotten like really long-sorry about that. You mentioned your child however, but not the age. Not that it really matters though. Get it together Mellonie, while you are clear enough to do so. If not for you, for your child. You have (at this point) ckearity to know right from wrong, how to recognize your symptoms, desire to fight this illness, and the hope and (I believe) the courage to do what ever it takes to pull it all together. I have faith in you Mellonie...do you?! Please let all of know how you are doing and meanwhile, STAND STRONG!!

September 6, 2011 - 1:24pm

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