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Heart Disease, Are There Genetic Tests? - Dr. Scherwitz (VIDEO)

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Heart Disease, Are There Genetic Tests? - Dr. Scherwitz (VIDEO)
Heart Disease, Are There Genetic Tests? - Dr. Scherwitz (VIDEO)
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Dr. Scherwitz recalls if there is a genetic test for heart disease.

Dr. Scherwitz:
Yes, there are sophisticated tests, which can evaluate, for example, how your body processes fats. An example for that is apolipoprotein E and certain combinations of genes there can help you be hardy and resilient so you could be 90 and eat what you want, or another combination will show that exercise has a dramatic effect on cholesterol and another combination, the ApoE4, shows that you are at greater risk of having heart disease. So if you know what your genetics are, you will know what to focus on and making specific changes for yourself.

About Dr. Scherwitz, Ph.D.:
Larry W. Scherwitz, PhD, is a leader in the field of behavioral medicine research with 25 years experience in developing and testing approaches to managing chronic disease with lifestyle changes. Dr. Scherwitz has been on the faculty of various medical institutions including Baylor College of Medicine, University of California at San Francisco, California Pacific Medical Center, and the Preventive Medicine Research Institute. He worked at the research director with Dr. Dean Ornish to demonstrate that it is possible to reverse coronary heart disease with lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, stress management and social support. Dr. Scherwitz’ is often a keynote speaker at conferences and has published his research discoveries in an array of prestigious medical journals, including the Journal of the American Medical Association, The Lancet, and Psychosomatic Medicine. Presently, Larry and his wife Deborah Kesten, MPH have a coaching practice to help clients lose weight as well as prevent, halt, and reverse heart disease. Larry also consults with clients to help them design studies to evaluate the efficacy of complementary and alternative practices.

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