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High Cholesterol Levels, Do Genetics And Lifestyle Contribute? - Dr. Lyle

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Dr. Brian Lyle recalls how genetics and lifestyle contributes to high cholesterol levels and explains how he analyzes these levels before developing treatment plans. Dr. Lyle is a skilled cardiologist at Banner McKee Medical Center in Loveland, Colorado.

Dr. Lyle:
Here at McKee Medical Center our thought is that the cornerstone of understanding your cholesterol problem is to understand you as a person. It’s important to get a detailed history of somebody to be able to understand what their problems may be.

Certain people have genetic variables that will impact their cholesterol levels, such as French-Canadians. French-Canadians are a population of people that are known to have a particular type of cholesterol problem. So understanding your heritage can be a very important part of understanding your cholesterol issue.

Knowing the types of food you eat, where you eat, what you like to eat, whether you exercise, and understanding your family history are also other very important components to treating your cholesterol problem.

Once we have been able to get a detailed history of you, your medical problems, your medications and the specifics of your cholesterol problem we will be able to tailor therapy to you individually.

We are able to figure out what type of cholesterol problem you have by performing a basic cholesterol profile or cholesterol test, which includes your total cholesterol, your good cholesterol or HDL, your bad cholesterol, the LDL, and your triglyceride level.

Here at McKee Medical Center we also have the ability to do a much more detailed analysis of your cholesterol profile. This includes looking at some of the sub particle types of cholesterol, which help us to treat you more appropriately. It also allows us to do some genetic testing and assessing what type of genetic markers that you have that will help us to tailor particularly your diet to your particular genetic makeup.

Other components of overall cholesterol management here at McKee Medical Center include tailoring a specific diet, as well as an exercise program, as well as any medicines that we feel may be necessary.

If you do get started on medications for your cholesterol then we will follow you up on a regular basis with blood work and follow up office appointments to make sure that we are meeting all of our desired goals.

About Dr. Brian Lyle, M.D.:
Brian Lyle, M.D., obtained his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Boston University and graduated from the MCP Hahnemann University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After medical school he completed an internal medicine residency at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, N.H. and a cardiology fellowship at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Conn. where he was the chief cardiology fellow. He is board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular medicine and nuclear medicine.

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