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What Can Clients Expect From A DEHP Session With You? - HER Health Expert - Josette Sullins

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Josette shares what clients can expect from a DEHP session with her.

When clients come to me, I actually balance out their bodies and why that is so important is so many of us do not know how to even use our body. It’s amazing. It does so many different things.

When people walk through the door, usually they are like “all of a sudden I have this tear or I have this immense pain.” What happens is that does not happen all of a sudden, we usually get all these little signals way ahead of time the people don’t pay attention to that.

So what I do is I know how to read the body, I find out where those signals are, and balance it back and then I also educate the client on how to not let this occur again, because I want the body to stay in this nice flowing pattern.

It can take up to a couple of hours for me to get you back to where you need to be and the last thing I wanted to do is to mess it up.

Really there is a lot that makes my technique different. When I work with a person, I work with all the twelve systems that make up the anatomy. It’s not just working with the muscles or working with the skeletal system or the nervous system, it’s the whole big picture and so I look at how all those components work together as a unit and I know how the body comes from a place of center and it’s more than just using core muscles. It’s being able to go ahead and get the mind, body, and spirit to connect and to get that communication going inside. So the real genius is the body and what I do is just balance that out.

A lot of people will focus in on just one thing like may be it is a Swedish massage and so you are just not going to get the full benefit that you could.

It is so much more than a massage that you would find at a typical spa. What I do is look at the whole body and see how it works and it is pieced together as one instrument and so what I do is get the body and the head back together, but it is a little bit more than that because there is this whole rhythm, it’s like a whole orchestra, a symphony that goes on inside of ourselves when all of those 12 systems fire and they work together. It’s like watching a beautiful ballet and seeing the grace that you see with the dancers.

I love doing this because I am able to find that grace for each person, get them back into that and that magic they were talking about, it’s more than just a body, it’s more than just a mind, it’s the whole connection, it’s the flow, and it’s something that we all have inside.

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