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What Inspires You And How Did You Develope Your Special Technique? - HER Health Expert - Josette Sullins

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Josette shares what inspires her and how she developed her own unique and special technique

It is amazing because the work found me.

As a small child I grew up with a lot of trauma and different things. So I was always being aware of what was going on with my body, how it was reacting to this, how it was reacting to that.

I also have severe scoliosis and so I really had to work with my alignment over the years and from working on myself individually and trying to get my life going, I really saw that there was a huge career there and now that I have been doing this for 20 plus years, people really don’t have a clue. So it is exciting to get to work with them at this deep level.

I have over 1200 hours in the holistic field that like I was saying earlier, all the things that have come to me, most of my technique I have created myself, a lot of it from trial and error, but a lot of the technique that I have created in the different continuing education programs are things that actually work that worked for me.

Organic development is very important to me. The main reason that I got into this entire holistic field was again I have mentioned earlier that as a younger child I had experienced a lot of trauma, some different emotional, mental type of stimulation, and what I found throughout the years is that our physical bodies do way more than process eating a bowl of cereal. Maybe more than taking us to work, riding on the bus.

I really 100% believe in all the findings and teachings that I do offer that our anatomy is responsible for our development and if we have certain holding patterns, if we are holding ourselves back in one area, you can always find that inside the body and so it is really interesting. Mostly people that come and have my work regardless if it is a deep massage or the deep enrichment spa experience, what we find is they are stuck in one stage of development, sometimes two there is actually three. In the work that I do I align all those three stages in the body, so the body is actually able to process. So I take the anatomy to a whole another level. When you come in, I work directly with your body, so you are able to process your stress and able to live in that joyous free moment that we were talking about earlier and that we are just getting physical work done.

I think what I enjoy most about doing this type of work is the connection. So many times we totally lose that, we are so busy, most people don’t know how to connect with yourself, we sat in that 9-5 job and we don’t get up and go to bathroom, we don’t take our lunch breaks, work, work, work, work, work. So our body is continuously telling us all of these things. It is a very natural healing way to connect with someone and when they are able to really feel that peace and their bodies become that masterpiece. It is really rewarding to be able to connect at that level.

If you would like more information, if you want to see a webinar, maybe come to a class, do a training with me, have a session, you can reach me at www.godehp.com, again “d-e-h-p” is pronounced “deep” and it stands for Developed Expression of Human Potential.

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