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Carrie Shares Her Preterm Labor Story (VIDEO)

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Carrie discusses why she chose to deliver her babies at Banner Desert Medical Center and describes the preterm labor symptoms she experienced.

Hello. My name is Carrie Schallock. I am a physician here at Banner Desert Medical Center and I deliver babies here. But not only do I deliver babies here, I have had two of my own children here at Banner Desert.

I did choose Banner Desert for two reasons – one was because I personally wanted an epidural, and I am not saying this for everybody but for me I know I wanted it. And second of all, I also want the nursery here in case I needed it for my children.

In fact with my first child I did come here and I was 35 weeks pregnant, had no clue I was in labor, and yet I was 3 cm dilated. They did attempt to try to stop my labor but they couldn’t. And I did go on to deliver my first child who weighed 5 pounds, 12 ounces at 35 weeks.

He was here for a week after he was delivered and he did fantastic and I was always very thankful to the staff here at Banner Desert, specially to the neonatal ICU for taking such great care of him.

My second child, I had preterm labor. I got a little clever the second time I was pregnant, kind of pick up on that, and I was out on pre-term labor starting at 29 weeks. But all of a sudden, when I was 37 weeks I came in here in labor and had a very uneventful, fantastic vaginal delivery.

As far as pre-term labor goes, with my first child I was in the office being examined and I was found to be 3 centimeters dilated. I remember I couldn’t believe I could be 3 centimeters and not have felt anything so I asked them to re-examine me and indeed I was 3 centimeters.

And I subsequently was sent directly over here to Banner Desert where I came and then I was started on, I was monitored having contractions. I did receive SubQ terbutaline to help stop the contractions but that did not work.

And then subsequently I was started on magnesium sulphate and my labor progressed to 5 centimeters, and so therefore the magnesium sulphate was shut off, and I progressed on my own to 10 centimeters and had a baby.

My first labor that, being 3 centimeters, I always said I really couldn’t feel anything. I couldn’t quite tell, but I was working full time. The second pregnancy I was a little bit more clued in what I was supposed to be feeling. And so at 29 weeks is when I started feeling them, and indeed I came over here to the hospital and I was monitored and I was having regular contractions.

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