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Carrie Shares If Having Children Made Her A Better OB/GYN (VIDEO)

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Carrie explains if she thinks having children helped her become a better OB/GYN.

Since I have had two children of my own, it kind of opened up my eyes to a lot of other women when I hear about their stories and things that they are going through, such as their heartburn. I can totally relate to that heartburn and trying to control that, which usually means that the baby is going to have a lot of hair and it did even in my case, both of my children did.

But I can also relate to the discomforts of the pregnancy. It looks like you can look good but on the inside you are just miserable. There’s a lot of discomfort, lot of pressure.

But I can also relate to the fact that you just have to keep going. It will get better but you just have to keep going. You are not going to be pregnant forever, and it is a wonderful thing once you do have that baby and you see that baby and I just kind of know that the prize will be worth it.

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