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Home Pregnancy Tests, Are They Accurate? - Dr. Schallock (VIDEO)

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Dr. Schallock describes how the home pregnancy test works and discusses its accuracy. She also shares how soon a test can work after conception.

Dr. Schallock:
Home pregnancy tests work by checking for what they call the Beta hCG. It’s a hormone produced by your body once you are pregnant. And usually they are a urine test, and you just buy them over-the-counter such as Target, Wal Mart, etc.

You use a dipstick, your urine and see if it’s positive or negative. And 99.9 percent, someone could actually be pregnant, and maybe it’s just so early like if you get pregnant last night it may not show it yet, but technically they are accurate, yes.

Generally speaking home pregnancy tests tell you about two weeks after conception whether or not if you are pregnant or not.

About Dr. Carrie L. Schallock, M.D.:
Dr. Carrie L. Schallock, M.D., is board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and is on staff at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona. She received her undergraduate degree from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and graduated from medical school at Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr. Schallock completed her post-graduate residency and internship at the University of Tennessee in Memphis. She is currently in private practice at Partners in Women’s Health in Tempe, Arizona.