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Testosterone Benefits And Risks, What Are They For Menopausal Women? - Dr. Heward (VIDEO)

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Testosterone Benefits And Risks, What Are They For Menopausal Women? - Dr. Heward (VIDEO)
Testosterone Benefits And Risks, What Are They For Menopausal Women? - Dr. ...
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Dr. Heward shares the benefits and risk for menopausal women taking testosterone.

Dr. Heward:
Testosterone is a magic hormone as well, and it’s as magical in females as it is in males although it’s different. The benefits of testosterone really in females really has to do with sex drive and cognitive function and, those are really great benefits that women can derive taking very small doses of testosterone and without any of the negative side effects that occur if you get too much testosterone.

If women take too much testosterone they can suffer such things as oily skin and acne. If you get a whole lot of testosterone for too long you begin to take on the secondary sexual characteristics of males which include facial hair growth and male pattern baldness, and a large thyroid cartilage, and women don’t want that. But, small doses are again, probably normal. What you’re attempting to do is restore youthful levels of testosterone and the beneficial effects in terms of woman psychology and her physiology and her body composition and her sex drive and so forth, will be derived from the replacement of testosterone as well.

About Dr. Heward, Ph.D:
Dr. Christopher B. Heward is past-President of Kronos Science Laboratory. His primary responsibility was providing scientific and technical leadership for all laboratory activities. He oversaw the development and implementation of the clinical laboratory testing program; assisted in designing and refining both internally and externally sponsored clinical studies; directed and coordinated diagnostic product research and development; administered laboratory and patient databases; was principal investigator for the Kronos Longitudinal Aging Study (KLAS); and communicated Kronos’ discoveries and advances to lay and scientific audiences via presentations and publications. Dr. Heward’s research interests included healthy aging, endocrinology, oxidative stress, Alzheimer’s disease, prion disease (TSE) and menopause. Dr. Heward attended the University of Arizona and received a Bachelor of Arts degrees from both the Department of Psychology and the Department of Chemistry, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from the Department of Biology. He earned his PhD from the Department of Biology in 1981.

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