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Hormone Balancing, What Is The Ideal Form Of Hormone Replacement? - Dr. Heward (VIDEO)

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Hormone Balancing, What Is The Ideal Form Of Hormone Replacement? - Dr. Heward (VIDEO)
Hormone Balancing, What Is The Ideal Form Of Hormone Replacement? - Dr. ...
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Dr. Heward shares what the ideal form of hormone replacement therapy/HRT is for optimal hormone balancing.

Dr. Heward:
The answer to the question of the optimal formulation is very subjective and it depends on the woman. All things being equal, if you can find a preparation and a way, a route of administration that matches, that enables you to match your youthful pattern of hormone production that happened on its own naturally, that’s optimal. But, for a variety of reasons, some women are not able to utilize preparations of hormones, and patches irritate the skin, or they get an allergic reaction to the cream, or there are a lot of different products out there, some of which women have problems with.

What is the worst scenario is for a woman who is trying a product, trying to find the optimal preparation,that she gives up because she gets hung up on bioidentical, but she can’t find a bioidentical preparation that works for her so she quits. That’s a bad thing to do. Even the most onerous formulation, the one that was in the WHI, Prempro, which is continuous oral estrogen progesterone, as ooga booga as that is, preparations like that on which the vast majority of the data showing estrogen as beneficial, has been based.

So, given the choice of taking what is currently perceived as the worst preparation or nothing at all, take the worst as long as you find it tolerable and easy to do and convenient and it’s something you can integrate into your life, that’s way better than doing nothing at all because you can’t make bioidentical work for you. If you can make one of the more natural formulations work, then that’s a better choice.

About Dr. Heward, Ph.D:
Dr. Christopher B. Heward is past-President of Kronos Science Laboratory. His primary responsibility was providing scientific and technical leadership for all laboratory activities. He oversaw the development and implementation of the clinical laboratory testing program; assisted in designing and refining both internally and externally sponsored clinical studies; directed and coordinated diagnostic product research and development; administered laboratory and patient databases; was principal investigator for the Kronos Longitudinal Aging Study (KLAS); and communicated Kronos’ discoveries and advances to lay and scientific audiences via presentations and publications. Dr. Heward’s research interests included healthy aging, endocrinology, oxidative stress, Alzheimer’s disease, prion disease (TSE) and menopause. Dr. Heward attended the University of Arizona and received a Bachelor of Arts degrees from both the Department of Psychology and the Department of Chemistry, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from the Department of Biology. He earned his PhD from the Department of Biology in 1981.

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