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What Is Talk Therapy? - Dr. Dunnewold (VIDEO)

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What Is Talk Therapy? - Dr. Dunnewold (VIDEO)
What Is Talk Therapy? - Dr. Dunnewold (VIDEO)
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Dr. Dunnewold explains talk therapy.

Dr. Dunnewold:
Talk therapy is when you meet with a licensed therapist of some sort, whether that’s a psychologist or a licensed professional counselor or marriage and family counselor or pastoral counselor, to talk through the difficulties that you’re having in your life, to get some perspective on those and maybe come up with some ideas on different ways to cope.

About Dr. Ann Dunnewold, M.A., Ph.D.:
Dr. Ann Dunnewold is a licensed psychologist practicing in Dallas, Texas. With 25 years experience helping women cope with life issues, Ann assist in addressing parental guilt and worry, creating a balance between family, self and work, postpartum depression, couples counseling and more. She received her M.A. and Ph.D in counseling Psychology from Ohio State University and is registered by the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. Dr. Dunnewold uses an eclectic therapy approach to focus on the here and now and changes thinking to change behaviors.

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