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How Should A Woman With Migraines Advocate For Herself? - Dr. Bernstein (VIDEO)

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Dr. Bernstein shares how a woman should advocate for herself if she suspects she has migraines or has been diagnosed with migraines.

Dr. Bernstein:
You really do have to become an advocate because unfortunately there is a real culture of thinking that people with migraines are drug-seeking or they are whiny and they are complaining. You need to find healthcare providers who are sympathetic to you, and I encourage you if you cannot find somebody initially to try a different provider. Do not necessarily just accept someone who says to you it is all in your head. I want to pass on that I saw a young woman who was 21, who was told by a previous physician that she should wait until she goes through menopause and then the headaches will be better, but that could be as long as 30 years. So that is an outrageous comment. Advocate for yourself; become empowered and really try to seek good care, ask your friends, look on the Internet, go to the American Headache Association web page. They list headache providers who are approved.

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