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Multiple Sclerosis (MS): Which Treatment Options Have You Tried?

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Kelly recalls which MS treatments she has tried.

Currently I am on the Tysabri infusion therapy which is an infusion one time a month and it’s great for me.

I have been on this therapy for 26 months I think it’s been and it’s great because you’d go and you sit and you are infused. It takes two hours there.

For me there have been no injection-site reactions, no headaches, no fevers or anything.

Prior to this therapy that I have been on, again, I have been living with this disease for 15 years and it’s funny because 15 years ago, actually 15-16 years ago there weren’t many drug options – disease modifying drug options – DMDs they call them.

At the time there were only two – Copaxone and Avonex. The Copaxone was a daily injection and the Avonex was a weekly injection and it seemed like a no-brainer decision to me at the time, again 15 years ago.

I thought, I certainly do not want to do daily injections so I did the weekly injection.

Since then I have been on every medication that there has been. Where we are today there are a number of different disease modifying drugs that are out there.

So it’s actually been interesting over the 16 years to watch MS grow up, I guess, I don’t know if that’s the right way to say it.

But so much attention has been brought to the disease and the rapidity with which drugs have shown and presented on the market is really quite amazing when you think of other diseases that are out there where there aren’t as many options.

A person newly diagnosed with MS has a spectrum of choices, and pharmaceutical choices to look at combating this disease.

And it’s pretty remarkable to have been on the fledgling lines of watching there only be two options to choose from and today there are many. I don’t even know the number anymore – 7, 8, different options and more to come.

The research focus has really been quite incredible as to what they are uncovering about the disease and how best to combat it, which is great for newly diagnosed person to think that you are not powerless, that you have many choices.

If you can find the right doctor to help guide you through the landscape of pharmaceutical therapies for your disease, it’s quite amazing. And if there’s a good time to be diagnosed with MS I think now is it.

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Multiple Sclerosis

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