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Did You See An Increase In Multiple Births After The Octomom Story? - Dr. Schmidt (VIDEO)

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Dr. Schmidt recalls if she has seen an increase in the number of multiple births since the Octomom story.

Dr. Schmidt:
The Octomom phenomenon has been very well discussed in my office since there aren’t very many REIs. We all know the REI who got her pregnant. I have never had that experience with having that many children. My experiences I have three sets of triplets – that’s it.

We discuss with patients how you can maximize your chances of having a singleton baby. The more control that you have, for example, if I have a patient who goes through IVF, which is in vitro fertilization, we control how many embryos we put back. If we put back one embryo the chances of you having only one baby is very high. There’s a small chance it could divide and become identical twins, but it is small.

We are leaning more and more towards transferring embryos later in the cycle and fewer number just to control for that factor that we don’t want multiples. It’s difficult on the children; it’s difficult on the mom. So we try not to do it.

About Dr. Schmidt, M.D.:
Dr. Lila Schmidt, M.D., is a reproductive endocrinology infertility doctor at Alvarado Hospital. She completed an OB/GYN residency and then received further training in reproductive endocrinology, focusing on PMS, menopause, and infertility.

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