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Pregnancy: Did You Experience Difficulties?

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Joyce discusses the difficulties she experienced while pregnant with her son.

Well this is the Vietnam era. My son will be 40 this year and it’s amazing to me that he is getting older and I am not. Somehow that goes against nature but he is aging and I am not.

So he was born in the Vietnam era. My husband was an avionics officer in the air force. So our son was born while he was in Vietnam.

Pregnancy was really pretty easy until about the last month and a half and I had just constant back pain and the doctor said, “Well sweetheart, you’re short. You don’t have much space from here to here and you got this baby in there that’s growing all the time and so you are going to have this back pain. Just live with it for a while.”

And our son, his name is Dirk, was born posterior. His spinal cord kept pushing against my spinal cord. So it’s like, this is very uncomfortable and he never turned around.

Babies are supposed to turn around. They will lay like that for a while and generally they turn around before they are born.

Well, you know, he’s stubborn then and he is kind of stubborn now too – a good kind of stubborn, a convinced, convicted kind of stubborn, but he didn’t turn around.

So that part of it got uncomfortable, but other than that it was a pretty, I guess what you call normal pregnancy and healthy baby delivery.

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